FACELESS ENTITY set release date for new ARGENTO RECORDS album, unveil first track at INVISIBLE ORANGES!

At present, ARGENTO RECORDS is enraptured to announce the brand new second full-length ‘THE GREAT ANGUISH OF RAPTURE’ by FACELESS ENTITY from The Netherlands!! 

A release date is set for April 15th2022 and shall come in the following formats:

A first track, “DECAYING BANNERS OF EXISTENCE” can now be heard on the prominent heavy metal blog INVISIBLE ORANGES:


Release date: April 15, 2022 
Genre: Atmospheric / Raw Black Metal  
Formats: DIGITAL / LP / MC  

For fans of:  Black Cilice, Katharsis, Ultha and Xasthur

Emerging from the grand nameless void, Faceless Entity established a reputation since its inception in 2014 through the release of four demos. Their first full-length, ‘In Via Ad Nusquam’ (On the Road to Nowhere), was a pursuit deeply rooted in a boundless dissonant sound that captures the metaphysical axioms of previous creations, further refining their overall arrangements. Their encounters with the void are expressed in shadowy wails and clamors of sadistic delirium, culminating in a curse of demented, unhinged Black Metal. Ultimately ritualistic in substance, untamed in praxis, the abyss takes form and onward emanates the wisdom of the dead. Their aim is to continue this sinister path in a soon to be unleashed follow-up to the first full length through Argento Records.

Contemplate life and death. Give in to the fear of the unknown and let that fear wreak mental havoc on your psyche. Breathe in slow; your imminent demise is just around the corner. Let us mourn for you. Forever mourning the dead and the living…

A growing Void…

Over the last decade, few entities have subjected the feeble human to such a plethora of dreadful expressions turned into audial flesh like Faceless Entity. Almost five years after ‘In Via Ad Nusquam’, the journey towards nothingness whispers a new conjuration, a cold catacomb of Death and misery over five brooding tomes.

From the very first moments of ‘The Great Anguish of Rapture’, a slice of torturous riffing breaks the eerie silence, a miasma of sonic despair alongside a pulse of funereal drumming lurking as an aghast corpse creeping its polluted body in dread and disgust. As a cold fog of electrical guitar ecstasy sweeps through the blinding mist, the screams of the dead are manifested by a deluge of demented wails slashing like rusty bloody razors. The air gets gradually filled with a density and shivering oppression, the impending Death growing in strength and might into physical form, haunting our very core as we face the Void in horror and wonder. A trance-like state is induced by the long blistering mantras, recreating the anguish of the uttermost ghastly abyss, ever dynamic, ever rapturing, as Faceless Entity reaches the zenith of its haunting existence with supreme songwriting and the highest bent to evoke absolute terror with the most enticing and befitting sonic quality the band as captured to date.

As these forty minutes of sinister, ominous Black Metal reach its conclusion, we are left in awe and crazed delight with the crushing witnessing of our rotting existence. Through this, the mourning of the dead and the living continues…

To be unleashed by Argento Records on Vinyl & CD, and by The Throat on Cassette

Text by Mário Souto


1. The Great Anguish of Rapture (9:57)
2. Decaying Banners of Existence (8:23)
3. The Enigma of Death (6:57)
4. A Growing Void (6:52)
5. Death, a Rot Beneath the Mask of Existence (8:31)
Total (41:07)

 R.v.R. – guitar, vocals
K.v.H. – bass, vocals
B.D. – drums

Demented Incantations (Demo / The Throat 2014)
Faceless Entity (Demo / Black Gangrene Productions 2014)
Semper Dolens (Demo / The Throat 2015)
Imminence (Demo / The Throat 2015)
In Via Ad Nusquam (Full-length / Nebular Carcoma Records & Altare Productions 2017)


Argento Records bandcamp

Faceless Entity bandcamp

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