NECRONOMICON “Invictus” for the first time on vinyl!

First time on vinyl, the seventh full-length studio album by legendary German Thrash Metal band.
Old-school Thrash Metal with a modern production! Band got a hell of a lot more pedigree than a lot of people realize. After hitting the scene during the first wave of Teutonic Thrash Metal, alongside their more famous contemporaries Destruction and Kreator, these guys seemed to fade very quickly into near-total obscurity. It wasn’t for a lack of output, rather it was a lack of the luck. They’ve been nothing if not persistent though, because aside from a hiatus at the latter end of the 90s, Necronomicon have diligently plugged away at supplying a steady string of always respectable releases over the years. Amongst them, this 2012 effort ranks quite highly indeed.
What becomes quickly evident when listening to “Invictus” is how much more refined the new Necronomicon’s approach is. This album certainly represents the zenith of the progression they have undergone over the years. Gone is the rough appeal, and in its place you’ll find first-rate songwriting and a highly professional, up-to-date production style. What’s impressive is that in the process, they have managed to retain most of the manic energy that German Thrash Metal is so renowned for, even if it has become a little watered down by influences from the American Bay Area scene. The trade-off actually results in a much more interesting album. Stylistically speaking, this is straight-up Thrash Metal!!
Invictus” is the album that manages to hold its own against some of the best Thrash Metal releases of the past years!!!


Comes in Gatefold Sleeve, with printed Innersleeve and Poster.

Available as:
Limited Edition to 200 copies on Black Vinyl;
Limited Edition to 200 copies on Blue Vinyl;
Strictly Limited Edition to 100 copies on Splatter Vinyl.

Release date: February 18, 2022.


One moment that will undoubtedly go down in the annals of Thrash Metal history occurred in Germany at August of 1984, when four young men, Volker “Freddy” Fredrich, Lars “Lala” Honeck, Jürgen “Jogi” Weltin and Axel Strickstrock, decided to launch what was to become the countries’ cult Thrash Metal Band – NECRONOMICON.

Recognizing the urban character and Punk roots that made the band so original, fans and media alike responded enthusiastically to the debut album, “Necronomicon” (1986), which caught the attention of the Thrash Metal scene and garnered not only praise for the band, but also created the solid foundations of a fan base, that has remained with the band throughout the years.

NECRONOMICON’s second album, “Apocalyptic Nightmare”, was released 1987 and interest in the band continued to grow significantly worldwide, with South America, Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, and Soviet Union becoming strongholds. The hit singles, “Magic Forest”, “Dark Land” and “Possessed by Evil”, have become Thrash Metal classics and taken on cult status.

The legendary album, “Escalation” (1988), earned Punk Thrashers name “Thrash Cult”, climbing to the Top 30 in the Rock Charts in Greece…

…Sadly, NECRONOMICON’s future was not to be plain sailing, and the hard crash is came. After the release of their fourth album, “Screams” (1994), the band loosed all their equipment when the rehearsal room burned to the ground. To make matters worse, the new label disappeared shortly after releasing the album, and the band was cheated. The label went bankrupt, money was misappropriated, and there were burglaries and fires. Label’s lack of support and inconsistencies caused many problems, and the band forced to go through a long and expensive court case in order to regain ownership of its own name. But twiddling their thumbs and surrendering to fate was not really in the nature of NECRONOMICON. So they went through a long and costly legal process, shed perhaps a few tears, and finally got their rights reinstated after 3 years and started again… the stage was set for a full onslaught!

NECRONOMICON’s determination pushed the band forward, and after the demo “Possessed Again!” (2000) came the highly acclaimed fifth album, “Construction Of Evil”, in 2004. The outstanding reviews were a soothing balm on the band’s wounds as they watched it rise to Number 6 in the Spanish charts. The fans got crazy and begged for more.

“Revenge Of The Beast” came out worldwide in 2008 and was the first release under a foreign label. The press finally brought the band out of the “shadow of other Thrash Greats”, making it into the top 20 of several Rock Charts and going on to capture many new hearts whilst on tour in Europe and Russia.

The line-up has several changes through the years; co-founders Jogi, Lala and Axel were unable to continue with the band through either health or personal reasons, leaving Freddy as the only original member, and he made NECRONOMICON his life’s purpose and passion…

In 2012, the highly anticipated album, “Invictus”, came on the market and caused quite a stir. The press totally rolled over with praise and showed that the title “Thrash Cult” was not just a nice footnote. With “Invictus”, NECRONOMICON’s individuality and skill in terms of song writing goes from strength to strength, exceeding all expectations with a full sound and terrific production.

The eighth album titled “Pathfinder… Between Heaven And Hell” (2015) finished at 11th place overall in Metal Hammer Magazine and was voted one of the best Metal albums in 2015 in South America.

During 2016-2017, NECRONOMICON played Total Metal Over Europe Tour, visiting Poland, Czech, Slovakia, Ukraine, Romania, Austria, Hungary, Bulgaria, Greece, as well as played several shows in Germany. In June 2017 band played Argentinean tour; and in May 2018 NECRONOMICON headline SinFest in Malta.

The last to date album, “Unleashed Bastards”, was released in September 2018. The part of tracks from the new album, as well as old and well known rockers, was appeared in band’s set-lits of the Total Metal Over Europe – Unleashed Bastards Tour 2019, runned through Poland, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Czech, Serbia, Bulgaira and Italy.
Let there be no doubt in anyone’s mind – NECRONOMICON has never been stronger!!

Freddy Necronomicon – voc./guitar
Marco Lohrenz – bass
Rik “Roundcat” Charron – drums
Glen Shannon – guitar

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