Swedish Hard Rockers KNOGJÄRN Release Brand New Single “Hur Många Dagar Kvar”

Swedish Knogjärn (Eng.: Knuckle-duster) are that kick-ass kind of Hard Rock, right off the bat! Knogjärn drop music that makes you want to crack open a beer, turn the volume to 11 and rock ‘til you f***ing drop. The band is now out with their brand new single titled Hur Många Dagar Kvar! Turn up the volume and listen to the single here:!

Hur Många Dagar Kvar is a fast-paced and heated track, where aggressive and hard-hitting riffs are met by softer segments of melodic vocals and down tempo beats. All along building the song´s powerful roar of despair and hope, cause sometimes you need to hit rock bottom before you find the will to fight your way out.

Band Members:

Kim Eriksson – Vocals
Markus Hurtig – Guitar
Rasmus Sörbom – Bass
Johan Hidén – Drums


2015 – “Våldet i ditt Paradis” (Eng.: The Violence In Your Paradise)
2017 – “Marscherar och Förstör” (Eng.: March and Destruct)
2020, May – “Stora och Farliga” (Eng.: Bid and Dangerous)
2020. Nov – “Kvarlevor” (Single collection. Eng.: Remains)
2020, Dec – “Stora och Farliga” re-release with new bonus track

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