VILE RITUAL – American Occult Death Metal Deformation Joins Sentient Ruin For 12″ Compilation And Debut Album – Track Premiered At Decibel Magazine

We’re proud to announce our partnership with emerging mysterious American Death Metal disfiguration Vile Ritual, via the forthcoming “Tongues of the Exanimate” LP compilation which will see the light next week.

This compilation serves as a comprehensive introduction to the band’s abhorrent and hallucinating death metal formula and as anticipator to the band’s masterful official debut LP – Caverns of Occultic Hatred – which will see the light later in the year (look out for a promo to that in summer/fall). The work has been unveiled by Decibel Magazine who premiered the self-titled opening track stating that the release is “an absolute wrecking ball of dirty, hallucinatory death metal” and that “‘Tongues of the Exanimate’ takes the black/death metal format and adds a psychedelic layer to it, giving the music an ominous tone.“

The gruesome occult hymns of Vile Ritual churn with incantations of eons past to incarnate a most disfigured vision of deviated and perverse blackened death metal ritualism. Born of the black flame of ancient atrocious subterranean rites, “Tongues of the Exanimate” sees the sounds of ghostly utterances travel over cavernous ambiance to create a disembodied, trance-like state, while inhumanly crushing riffs bludgeon the listener and entomb them in a suffocating and grotesque aural burial. Both horrific yet timelessly evocative, Vile Ritual’s esoteric blood-drenched blackened death metal melds the feral pestilence of 90’s bestial black metal acts like Von and Beherit with hallucinatory atmospheres and the crushing low end of old school death metal butchers like Infester, Rippikoulu, and Imprecation to create a hideous yet hypnotic hallucination of gnarled arcane death metal savagery and abandon. “Tongues of the Exanimate” conjures similar ritual-drenched phantasmal death metal deformities as we’ve seen in other iconic deviant bands in the genre like Antediluvian, Necros Chrstos, Sect Pig and Chaos Echoes, and is the most recent manifestation in this obscure entity’s foul but masterful reveling in total surrealistic ritual death metal barbarity; a 12″ vinyl and cassette tape compilation LP envisioned by the band and Sentient Ruin unison that combines three brand new and previously unreleased rituals along with a completely remixed and remastered revision of Vile Ritual’s masterful 2019 self-tiled debut demo tape.

The “Tongues of the Exanimate” LP compilation is slated for official release next week January 28 2022 on vinyl, cassette tapes digital download/streaming formats, all of which can now be (pre)ordered via all our channels.

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