Traditional heavy metallers VIRGIN IDOL announce debut album to be released in Spring 2022

Virgin Idol is a traditional heavy metal band with elements of thrash metal often compared to King Diamond and Judas Priest with instrumental elements ranging from Bathory, Megadeth, Overkill, Metal Church,  Dokken, and Queensryche. Virgin Idol’s debut album is set for release in the Spring of 2022. The debut album will be distributed by Super Sargasso (Peru) and its North American distribution partners.

“This album is for fans of true heavy metal, shrieking falsetto vocals, flashy guitar work, and all things metal. There’s something here for everyone! – Virgin Idol”

About the band:

JR Preston – lead vocalist and bassist of Virgin Idol and known as ‘The Rev Preston’ in other circles – is a successful studio musician, performer, vocalist, guitarist, multi-instrumentalist, comedic podcaster, visual artist, and professional animator (who at one time had a contract with Cartoon Network’s ‘Adult Swim’). JR is known in the United States and worldwide for his 90s black metal bands – most notably, Tjolgtjar and Blood Cult. Tjolgtjar and Blood Cult have enjoyed several successful releases on leading labels in the black metal scene. Tjolgtjar has 35+ releases and counting since 1998, while Blood Cult has 27+ plus releases since 1995. JR’s style of black metal between these 2 bands has been coined as unique in the sense that he combines the essential elements of black metal with surf rock, punk, rockabilly, acid rock, garage rock, country, gospel, and bluegrass. JR is also the man behind black metal band Xexyz – which has been most appropriately coined as ‘Nintendo Entertainment System Black Metal.’ Xexyz recreates scores from classic Nintendo video games like Zelda with brilliant artistic license using 8-bit synthesizer soundscapes accompanied by black metal music. JR has released 3 albums for Xexyz since 2006. He has also recorded and performed various instruments as an early member of experimental/industrial noise band, Enbilulugugal – which was disbanded after the passing of founding member Izedis. JR is the lead guitarist for blackened thrash metal band, Angelust. In addition to being a very gifted guitarist/multi-instrumentalist, JR is an incredibly talented vocalist and proud addition to Virgin Idol that has been compared appropriately in his style/range to Rob Halford, King Diamond, and others within the same musical vein.

Scott Michaels – lead and rhythm guitarist of Virgin Idol – recorded a full-length black metal album as a one-man band called Forest of Witchery (album titled ‘Invokation of the Ancient One’).  This album was voted #4 independent album of the year in 2004 by TOWER RECORDS and enjoyed some success. This album was reviewed in several zines and featured in a horror film, ‘Hellhounds.’ Scott went on to play for several reputable and underground black metal, blackened death metal, industrial, and modern heavy metal bands including Lord of Depression, Fever, Funereal Winter (with Kevin Talley of Napalm Death and Suffocation on drums), Margin of Error, and others. Scott started Virgin Idol with JR Preston and Chris Reed due to his lifelong love and passion for traditional heavy metal, hair metal, thrash/speed metal, flashy guitar work, and everything 80s/early 90s.

Chris Reed is a UK-based, established touring and studio drummer. Raised on an audio diet of hard rock, metal and punk, his first band (New Generation Superstars) became seasoned heroes of the UK’s underground rock n’ roll scene. Touring relentlessly, they built up a hardcore following and a reputation as a formidable live band; even gaining a 5-star live review in Kerrang! magazine. Two critically acclaimed albums followed, along with radio play (including a notable shout-out from Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson on his BBC Radio show), magazine features, festival slots and shows in Europe. The band’s music proved a favorite with fans of different sub-genres, leading to support slots with the likes of glam rockers LA Guns, goth legends The 69 Eyes, original punks UK Subs, rock n’ rollers The Supersuckers, NWOBHM legends Saxon and metal titans Twisted Sister. Chris joined Virign Idol to pursue his lifelong passion for playing and honoring traditional 80’s heavy metal.

Virgin Idol was started on November 16th of 2020 by 3 professional metal musicians with a mission to revamp traditional 80s heavy metal with a unique sound and we’re excited to share this first album with you in Spring of 2022.



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