CHRONOSFEAR – The Astral Gates (Lyric Video)

Chronosfear have released the second lyric video for the new upcoming album “The Astral Gates Pt. 1 – A Secret Revealed“. The song is the title track “The Astral Gates“! The Track is also available on all the digital platforms, as usual.

“Here we are with another taste of our new upcoming record: the title-track “THE ASTRAL GATES”! Maybe this song could sound a little atypical for our production standards (as it was for “Of Dust and Flowers” from our eponymous debut) but we hope you can fully appreciate it! Lyrically the song is about the heart of the story, the Astral Gates: hidden space-time passages built at the dawn of humanity. These gateways were forgotten, but then rediscovered and used by the so-called Aegis Company, a tyrannical society that dominates everything in 2101, the year in which the first part of the story is set.
Enter the dystopian world of the Astral Gates, and enjoy this new single, as we wait for the album release!”

The Astral Gates Pt. 1 – A Secret Revealed” will be released by Elevate Records in date 25 February 2022

tracklist and cover artwork (by Roberta Cavalleri) di “The Astral Gates Pt. 1 – A Secret Revealed”:

1. 2101: Ruins Of Our World – Prologue (2:11)
2. Faithless Times (5:18)
3. For A New Tomorrow (5:20)
4. The Astral Gates (4:40)  Single and Lyric Video
5. Under This Bleeding Sky (4:29)
6. Paralyzed – Interlude I (0:59)
7. Beyond (5:41)  Single and Lyric Video
8. Fragments (4:58)
9. Code Red – Interlude II (1:19)
10. Eyes Of The Wolf (5:23)
11. The Fortress Tower (6:58)
12. The World I Left Behind (4:09)

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