Finnish atmospheric metal band TRAUMA FIELD releases their third album “From Wounded Soil”

Finnish atmospheric metal band Trauma Field from Jyväskylä has released their third full length LP by the name “From Wounded Soil”. The album can be found in all the music streaming platforms, and physical copies can be ordered from Bandcamp.

The new album sounds familiar: powerful melodies and a strong atmosphere. The songs contain many different parts, some heavier and some lighter. Vocals are diverse: there is growling, heavy singing and also softer sounds. The previous album (“Changing Tides”, 2016) was a bit more straightforward, but “From Wounded Soil” returns closer to the older material. There are also many musical and lyrical references to the origins of Trauma Field.

“From Wounded Soil” is an album with a recurring theme, the concept of home. One’s lifelong journey towards a home contains many ups and downs, and these themes are present in all of the seven tracks on the album.

All the compositions and lyrics are made by the vocalist and guitarist Jaakko Pesu. As a special trait, all of the band can be heard in the backing vocals and choir parts. The mixing has been done by Tuomas Kokko in the Electric Fox Studios (Swallow the Sun, Ghost Brigade), and mastering is by Svante Forsbäck from Chartmaker (Rammstein, Volbeat). The graphics are by a Finnish artist Sofia Härö (@sofiaharoart).

Jaakko Pesu: guitars & vocals
Ville Koskinen: guitars, backing vocals
Atte Toivola: bass, backing vocals
Antero Jokinen: keyboards, backing vocals
Mikael Saalasti: drums, backing vocals

Order the album now: Bandcamp

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