INTERMENT ASHES stream ETERNAL DEATH debut mini-album at – features members of RITUAL CLEARING

Today, uprising black metal mystics Interment Ashes stream the entirety of their highly anticipated self-titled debut mini-album at heavily trafficked web-portal Set for international release on February 4th via Eternal Death on cassette tape format, hear Interment Ashes‘ Interment Ashes debut in its entirety exclusively HERE.

Born from the long, cold New England winters, Interment Ashes was formed in 2020 by fellow members of Connecticut black metal band (and now labelmates) Ritual Clearing. Paying tribute to the rawness of second-wave bands such as Mayhem and Gehenna while incorporating melodic and blackened punk elements that harken to more modern bands such as Solar Temple or Wulkanaz, the duo’s self-titled debut mini-album evokes the cold and isolated conditions under which it was brought to fruition. Interment Ashes‘ pulse is strident and stirring, brimming with a never-overstated sense of emotion that elevates Interment Ashes beyond rote “black metal” tropes. Similarly, its idiosyncrasies don’t betray the core ethics at the heart of authentic, true black metal; if anything, these assertions of identity and relatively unique thinking underline the original current of unorthodoxy endemic to the earliest progenitors of that second wave. Either way, Interment Ashes‘ songwriting across these four dense ‘n’ desolate tracks evinces a thoughtful approach already advanced for such a new entity.

Boldly modern and unselfconsciously classic in equal measure, Interment Ashes‘ Interment Ashes is a glorious first birth upon a ruinous winter wasteland.

Take the full step into that wasteland exclusively HERE, courtesy of Preorder info can be found HERE at Eternal Death‘s Bandcamp. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Interment Ashes’ Interment Ashes
1. Isolation’s Urge [7:50]
2. Cold Wind Altar [4:19]
3. I Am Not What I Appear [8:47]
4. Negligent Confinement [6:56]

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