MILKING THE GOATMACHINE – sign with Reaper Entertainment

It’s been 14 years since the horned brothers Goatfreed and Goatleeb Udder hurtled down to Earth from Planet Goat E Borg to make it their own and bring their unique Goat Grind upon us unsuspecting humans.
Now a new chapter is about to begin as MILKING THE GOATMACHINE sign a worldwide record deal with Reaper Entertainment.

Goatfreed states:
“Heyho friends of horned entertainment!
Me and my brother Goatleeb are happy that we have found a new home at Reaper Entertainment and are currently in the process of setting up the new shed.
We are in the middle of recording our new album and are already looking forward to releasing the album together with Reaper Entertainment. Also we are looking forward to a hopefully long and good cooperation and that the reaper crew will help us with the mucking out of the shed from time to time.
Cheerio and always raise your horns up high, Goatfreed”

Gregfreed von Reaper Enterainment adds:
“When we saw the mess in the goat barn, we knew it needed a good airing and mucking out. But Goatleeb and Goatfreed were very reasonable and directly followed the Reaper stable rules. Hay cut by the scythe tastes best after all… so we look forward to the future together, when it goes out to pasture again. Cheers!”

The new album is scheduled for release as early as summer 2022.
The title of the record is not revealed yet. More info coming soon – stay tuned.


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