Argentinian folk metal band CERNUNNOS release new video for the title track “Capricornvs” from their 2nd album

Argentinian folk metal band CERNUNNOS is proud to release the video clip of the song “Capricornvs” from their 2nd album.

The video is a high-quality audio-visual production, worthy of the title track of their second full-length studio album. It is available for viewing on YouTube through the official DarkTunes Music Group channel.

The album, with a conceptual plot, was released in April 2021, and tells the following story written by the band: A girl is alone and lost in the forest, she is manipulated by a witch who lives there and who uses her innocence and purity to invoke through her the spirit of “Cernunnos” (horned god of fertility and protector of nature and wild animals according to Celtic mythology) in order to take his power and gain strength at the expense of the girl. “Capricornvs” is the name of the ritual that the malicious witch uses to carry out her task, but she does not count on the fact that the God “Cernunnos” decides to protect the girl victim of the ritual, granting her all her power to destroy the wicked witch. The video clip explores the central plot of this ritual, where the young girl is played by Victoria Cassé, the witch by Medusa, and the Celtic deity is represented by the members of the band, hooded with their characteristic stage costumes.

For the video, the band chose Irish audio-visual director and filmographer Anthony White from Whitewashed Films, who also did the editing. The person in charge of the video production and assistant on the set was Paula Andersen, the band’s press agent. The Make-up of the actresses was done by Carmín Ge and FX were handled by Austen Donohoe (Circle Strafe LTD).

The video clip also reflects visually several details of the “Capricornvs” album cover, illustrated by Argentine artist Villy Villain.

Vocalist Pablo Schivo has provided additional comments:

“We decided to depict the story that is told in the album with a video clip of first class cinematographic caliber, and we found the right team for the production, giving relevance to the concept of the album, we feel that our story became true, this is a game-changer for the band and we are very pleased with the result”

Guitarist Joaquín Gómez, has provided the following comments:

“Capricornvs” is the name that brings to life the ritual of Cernunnos, the call, the ascent but it doesn’t turn out as expected. We hope you like it!”.

Cernunnos band members:

Joaquin Gómez – Guitars
Hernán Barbieri – Guitar
Juan Diego Landry Muñoz – Fiddle and vocals
Santiago Sauza – Drums
Fernando Marty – Bass
Nicolás González – Flute
Pablo Schivo – Main vocals and other traditional instruments like whistle, bouzouki and Hurdy Gurdy.

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