Melodic death metal loaded with strong feeling, that is ISN’T

Krisztian Sivak (ex Panzer Division) who currently lives in Germany made a new team last year under the name Isn’t. Loaded with strong feelings, melodic death metal, sometimes spiced with doom parts, the band made two EPs in 2021 in their home studio. On both albums are 5-5 songs. In November released the Nightfall with the current band members, where Krisztian‘s wife, Marti is the vocalist and Peter Karcza is the Bass guitarist. The theme, powerful and memorable, here and there flying vocals besides the melodic death metal is painted with more modern groove and thrash elements. The medium tempo paced, flying guitar solos and because of the spoken word aria a little melancholy Broken already has a video clip which will be debuted on 2022 February 11 at 18:00 on the Hungarian Femfogacs Metal Webzine. The trailer can be found in the link below:

The Nightfall EP is available to listen to on YouTube, but is also available on streaming services and a sequel is in the works.

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