Tech/brutal death metal band DISCHORDIA premiere new track via Metal Injection; preorders are up now!

It’s finally time! Preorders are up for this mind-blowing Dischordia release which is the next level in technical/brutal/dissonant death metal. Metal Injection premiered the third track off this highly anticipated release which gets more and more interesting. It can be found AT THIS LINK. Excerpt – 

“Like any of the best bands around mixing and tinkering with how to unite these disparate areas of focus together, the band’s strength lies in making it all come together organically yet still being able to continue to up the ante and surprise the listener over and over”

Dischordia (US) – Triptych (Dissonant/Brutal/Technical Death Metal)

Genre – Dissonant/Brutal/Technical Death Metal
Release Date – April 29th, 2021
Record Label – Transcending Obscurity Records
For fans of – Gorguts, Wormed, Ulcerate, Ingurgitating Oblivion, Logistic Slaughter, Sunless, Replicant, Chaos Motion

Forging the brutal, technical and dissonant death metal styles, Dischordia have created a triumvirate of evolved and complicated death metal which will require the unspooling of brains to fully decipher it. It may have to be soaked overnight or given as much time with it too, for indeed, to absorb such an imposing mass of music, multiple listens particularly with the aid of headphones to help dissect it are mandatory. Every song on the album offers something unique; what’s peculiar are the unconventional interludes of all kinds giving the listener some strange form of respite, lest the brains explode, which are both calming and unsettling, always preparing you for the invariable climax. Every song is a triumph. Each offers its own reward. There’s so much happening at all times, it would probably feel too claustrophobic if it weren’t for the brilliant mixing and mastering work done by Colin Marston (GorgutsReplicant), ensuring clarity without sacrificing Dischordia‘s brain-liquefying heaviness. Unpredictable, almost narrative structuring, brings out the best performances from the members, each of whom is trying to attain a whole new level. And even with the interludes and various unique instruments being brought into play, the sound remains largely cohesive and impactful. All in all, this is a masterwork where music of this kind goes. It sets new standards in extremity with bold, thoughtful application and ferocious execution.

Line up –
Bass, Flute, Vox, Percussion, & Wrenches by Josh Turner
Guitars, Vox, & Slam Ball by Keeno
Drums, Guitar, Piano, & Filing Cabinet by Josh Fallin

Mixed & Mastered by Colin Marston (GorgutsReplicant)
Artwork by Gianna Martucci-Fink

Track list –
1. Minds of Dust 
2. Bodies of Ash 
3. Spirits of Dirt 
4. The Wheel 
5. The Whip 
6. The Carriage
7. Panopticon
8. Purifying Flame 
9. Le Petite Mort

Dischordia Bandcamp

Transcending Obscurity Site

Transcending Obscurity Official YouTube Channel

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Dischordia Facebook

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Transcending Obscurity Europe Store

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