GOLGOTHAN’s Leech Out Now and Streaming!

Artwork by: Jai Benoit

Lacerated Enemy Records has released Leech, the full-length debut album from Brutal Death Metal quartet Golgothan. Check out the following links for purchase and streaming options!



YouTube Album Stream:

“Leech is a feverish, uncontrolled, demented and out of control album that deserves multiple listens.” (9/10)
– Metal Purgatory Media

“If you are a fan of bands like Aborted, Benighted and Cattle Decapitation, this band is definitely for you.”
– Vox&Hops Metal Podcast

“Golgothan takes tidbits from brutal death metal without going knee-deep into unintelligible swamps. It’s still a bloody mess, thankfully, with earworm grooves and touches of 90s death metal.”
– Invisible Oranges

“Complete with a rotted voice, brutalizing technical abilities and crushing riffs and blast beats to match the filth and muck that they crawled out of, Golgothan does not disappoint. Brutal death metal at its most disgusting, and finest.”
– Cave Dweller Music

“Leech is a tremendous debut album full of intensity. Golgothan is a young band that will surely begin to take the spotlight in a short time. Recommended material for all fans of extreme metal.”
– Metallerium

“Melodramatic Bayou horror themes are pervasive throughout Leech, giving the listener a sonic tour of white-trash gore content with blistering vocal and guitar composition. They are part of a new wave of the next generation of brutal death bands.”
– Metal Epidemic

“Though their heft is rooted in fairly straight forward technical/brutal death metal timbre and a fair dose of Cattle Decapitation-esque stylistic play, there are blackened death and sludge influenced movements throughout that provide just enough extra interest to keep me listening.”
– Grizzly Butts

“Golgothan aren’t approaching their songwriting with cut-and-paste techniques. It’s a well coordinated assault that allows you to take in each of the band’s elements without drowning in the sonic assault.”
– The Razors Edge

Amongst the swamps and woods of Lafayette, Louisiana. Golgothan has spread their Gospel of Gore since 2013. Combining their love of horror and the sound of brutal death metal akin to Aborted and Cattle Decapitation, Golgothan’s live show is an unforgettable experience.

Having released multiple EPs, Golgothan is ecstatic to have Lacerated Enemy release their first full-length album, Leech.

Comments Lacerated Enemy: “Golgothan is all about creating intense brutal catchy death metal. A nod to the old school past combined with the immense speed and precision of contemporary death metal. Welcome ghouls of the swamp!”

FFO: Aborted, Cattle Decapitation, Bloodbath

Track Listing:

  1. The Rack
  2. Leech
  3. Teeth To Eat You
  4. Parent Organism [Video]
  5. Gravy Train
  6. Bottomless Pit [Video]
  7. Lard is My Shepherd
  8. Winged Death
  9. Christian Mingle Killer
  10. The Overlord


Jai Benoit – Vocals
Jerik Thibodeaux – Bass, Vocals
Jesse Majors – Guitars
John Leblanc – Guitars
Eddie Jacobs – Drums

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