Fit For An Autopsy Interview

Hi Pat, how is your morning? Were you able to do your morning routine?

I am drinking coffee and doing interviews so yeah, and for the time this became my morning routine, so yes.

You are playing in Sacramento tonight, since you are on an american headlining tour! What does your days look like?

It’s just typical tour days. Loading, sound check, have a little something to eat and wait for the show to start. Just the typical tour days.

How were your gigs so far? As I saw all of your shows were sold out! Does the lack of concerts in the past makes you go crazy that you can play now?

I mean not all of the shows were sold out, but a lot of them has been sold out, and it’s pretty incredible to be back and playing shows again. So I would say it feels pretty great to be back.

Let’s talk about on some band’s stuffs. You are a six piece, which is not that usual. Do you think it’s better to have a bigger group of people to work with as opposed to less people? Does this make for more ideas to come out or creative arguments?

I think there is always 1 or 2 driving forces, when it comes to creating music. And I believe it’s an everyday thing that there are go to people when it comes to sound or writing or whatever creative. So our 6th member was exclusively for touring. Sometimes he fits really well, and other times not so much. It’s a bit of everything really.

You started in 2008 in New Jersey. How did you begin and how did you continue to be a great band as the years went by?

I mean it’s just like every other project. You are always after finding the ability of working together in a reasonable manner and create something with the idea growth. Being Fit For An Autopsy as you said we are spending a lot of time on developing and pushing ourselves as a band to be better. So with that idea and that mindset it’s easy to work and to spend time on your product. That’s just a thing for Fit For An Autopsy is this constant evolution and also not being afraid to change what we are doing for the better of the band. That’s what we are trying to achieve, but that doesn’t always work.

A few days earlier you released your 6th album under the name of ,,Oh What the Future Holds”. I think because of the pandemic you had much more time on your hands to write the songs, since you started in Spring 2020. How much did it help that you got to work on the songs for a longer amount of time?

Truthfully our writing process is didn’t really change. We kinda did what we always do. And Fit For An Autopsy is the kind of band because Will doesn’t tour, so we can do it as much as possible. It makes it easier for us to write while the band tours. So us being home didn’t really change the process as much as maybe it did for other bands. We kinda did exactly what we always do.

Did the meanings or the lyrics of the songs change?

Not really changed. I would say we had a lot of different things to focus on. We are kinda writing lyrics about the same manner, about the things that surround us socially at the time. Things that are going on politically or globally around us and we kinda stick to that. This is what we are good at.

In your aggressive music there are a lot finger twisting riffs, but besides them there are catchy melodies as well. It makes for an energizing and colorful picture. How much would you say your music is trendy or underground?

I think our music is more the idea of little bit of everything. We don’t necessarily try to write so it can be underground or try to keep any focus on anything. We just do it how it works for us, the way it sounds right for us, and we try to create things that people wanna hear. But we also worry about what’s good for us, about what we want to do as well. I don’t think we worry about trends or worry about any kind of what’s popular at the time. We just do what works and what we feel the next evolution of the band is. Sometimes it’s going with what’s going on around us and sometimes it goes against it. So there’s no real rule, when it comes to what we are doing.

Do you think is it possible nowadays to achieve success with more severe type of music?

That’s a good question. No. I don’t. I think that Fit For An Autopsy has evolved into what we are now, because it’s what we like. I also think that it’s a little more accessible than when we first started. We’ve seen some growth because of that. I think you can get a certain level with any kind of music, but I think extreme music or whatever you want to call it, it’s harder to become a bigger band doing the things that we all do then playing in a rock’n’roll band. So some of the elements that we added have definitely made us a little bit more tangible and accessible to a wider audience. We didn’t know that this was gonna happen when we first started, but it certainly has. I think the more extreme a band is, the harder it is for that band to grow.

If it all goes according to plan in May 2022 you are going to start your European headlining tour. I think a lot of people is waiting to see you. How do you think those days will go? How do you foresee it?

There is no real way to say anymore. With the state of the world, and with Covid and the way everything is. There is no way to guess how shows are gonna go. In the States, this american tour has been amazing, but also, things are different everywhere. Some places are doing good, and some places are not. So there is no way to gauge how we are going to do things. We just have to go there and go for it, and whatever happens happens. I just hope that Europe is doing well, and the people over there who want to see us are well. We are ready to get back to Europe, and we are excited, but who knows how it’s gonna go. It’s just a matter of how things are in the world.

Apart from the new songs from the new album, what other songs can we expect on the setlist? I am most interested in the Budapest one, since I live here.

We’ll probably do a lot of songs from ,,Sea of Tragic Beasts”. Unfortunately we didn’t get to tour on that album a lot, so we almost have a double record. Because we only got to play that album once in the States and once in Europe. We only have songs on our setlist now that we didn’t play a handful of times live. So we are excited. We are playing ,,Your Pain is Mine” and it’s going to be the first time we are playing it live. So there are a lot of options for us to play. And we always like to put older stuff on there. Like stuff from ,,Hellbound” and ,,Absolute Hope Absolute Hell” so we are always trying to reach back and to play some older stuffs, but next to it there 2 brand new albums as well. It will be a good mix. We always try to mix it up.

Do you remember the last time you visited us? How was the crowd that day?

Oh, Budapest is one of my favorite cities in the world. Budapest is as far as I’m concerned is one of the best cities in Europe and it’s where some of our best shows we’ve played, I believe it’s called A38 and it’s on a ship on the water. Playing there was one of my favorite memories ever of playing in Europe. So I love your city, and we are coming there, so I am really excited to play there again.

After the forced rest Covid-19 gave us, how was it to play on stage again?

Stressful. We were such a tight band before covid happened, and we had years of touring and consistently working together and getting better. Then we had 2 years of not playing one show. So we had to come back and sort of figure out our groove again, and after a few days it started to fall into place, and now we are playing very well and we are very happy, but it was stressful. And also great.

In life what do you think what are the 3 most important things?

Doing what you want, whether we are talking about a job or family life or travel or whatever. Not giving up your dreams because people tell you the way they think something is. That is the most important thing in life in my opinion. And also, finding new goals, setting them, and no matter what anybody else says, you figure out how to achieve it, because everybody told us, you won’t be this and this and this. My parents, my friends always did this, and it never worked out for me. It stuck with it until it did. And now I get to do what I want. I get to tour and do this cool job, and it’s all thanks to my own refusal to quit. I believe doing what you want to do for yourself is really important. And it makes you happy of course. Number 2, find the right people in your life. Finding the right group of people, or finding the right partner for you, or even the right band members. You need to keep good people around you, that support you and believe in you. And being honest about yourself, about what kind of a person you are and what you want to be. Nobody is a different version from themselves, so spending some time on yourself to feel okay, this is where I am at now, and that is where I want to be, and that’s how I’m gonna get from where I am now to where I want to be. I think these 3 things can really make or break your life.

What would you like to try out in the future? Is there anything you haven’t done yet?

I’ll be honest with you, I am at this point, where I am a much better version of myself than I expected to be, and I just want to play music everywhere. In front of every single person. Because this is what we do. I just want to go to everywhere and see every culture, and just experience as much as I can, before I can’t. I have a great son, a wonderful wife, wonderful best friends, people that I can count on, and now I just want to go out and experience different cultures and bring what we do. That’s enough.

Pat, thank you so much for your answers and best of luck for your concert tonight. Is there anything you wish to say for the awaiting Hungarian fans?

Well, for my Hungarian friends in your country, appreciate your support and we can not wait to get back out there and play some shows, and just get to be a part of your city, your country and your culture. We are really looking forward to get back to Europe, and Hungary is a country I personally can not wait to get in. That you so much, for supporting us and listening to the record, and can’t wait to get back and spend some time with you guys.

The interview was taken with Patrick Sheridan on 17.01.2022.

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