Russian true-metal band KYTOWRATH presented a new video for “Guardian”

Russian true-metal band Kytowrath presented a new video for “Guardian“, the first single from their upcoming album “Past to Become“, which will be released on May 6th, 2022.

To complement the aggressive track, the band members decided to make an equally powerful video to match the music. The video is full of metaphors, and mainly shows the drastic change: the band wipes out their previous work and turns to a new, still unknown future. The coffin resembles an ark, which took everything that the band decided to abandon. The girl is the personification of creativity in the past. The cemetery means ideas and wandering among them. Fire is purification. The whole scene is covered in smoke; this is what awaits the musicians in the future – the unknown, the veil. The band does not yet know what awaits them ahead, but purposefully continues to move forward.

The video footage was inspired by Pantera. According to the musicians, Pantera has the best music videos in terms of editing and content: “the band simply plays”. Moreover, the coffin and the witch are a reference to the old school 60-s Soviet horror movie scene.

Kytowrath [EP] (2017)
War Dominion (2018)

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