AD NAUSEAM – Debut album available on vinyl for the first time –  Lavadome Productions

Italian death metal visionaries AD NAUSEAM have just released their 2015 debut album “Nihil Quam Vacuitas Ordinatum Est” on double-LP vinyl edition for the first time via Lavadome Productions.

The album has been remastered to obtain a more in-depth and improved sound as well as gain more dynamic range. A dedicated master for vinyl has been sourced from the new remaster. T

The band, which is known for developing its own equipment to self-produce the sound of its records, comments:

“The mastering of “Nihil Quam Vacuitas Ordinatum Est” started to sound way too far from being perfect to our ears, despite that we are aware it was the best result we could get back then, and it still sounds cool. For this reason, a remaster was in the making since the beginning of 2017. What you can hear now is a high dynamic range remastered version where particular attention has been paid to improve its clarity, punch and dynamics.” 


  1. My Buried Dream
  2. Key To Timeless Laws
  3. La Maison Diev
  4. Into The Void Eye
  5. Terror Haze
  6. Lost In The Antiverse
  7. The Black Veil Of Original Flaw
  8. Superimposing Mere Will And Sheer Need +++ +++

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