Akrasia Interview

Let me greet all of you! It is always a pleasure for me to discover a new Hungarian band. The band formed in 2017 and you say you started playing music as a hobby. At the time, the lineup was different. Since there were no explicit goals and plans in the beginning because you played music as a hobby anyway, did that make the lineup change quickly? Didn’t everyone think seriously or did your musical ideas differ?

Marci: First of all, thank you very much for the opportunity, it’s good to see more and more people paying attention to our music. Yes, it started as a kind of typical band made by friends. In the beginning, we didn’t even have our own songs. We covered Dying Fetus, Metallica, Gojira, and Death songs. Nothing special really happened with the original lineup, only life intervened; family, work, studies, moving, etc.

You declare the 2018 demo as if it were a very rudimentary thing. I listened to it with pleasure 🙂 In my opinion, it holds its place in the world of Thrash Metal. YouTube comments are also explicitly supported and anyone who listens can see for themselves. What do you think about it right now? Are you sure you shouldn’t or should have promoted this publication better?

Peter: I think our demo reflects our knowledge at the time and our taste in some way, we recorded it at home to the best of our knowledge. I mean, the demo is more like a new-wave thrash record, but nowadays, we don’t want to categorize ourselves, as you wrote, we’re inspired by a wide variety of music.

Marci: Haha, thank you! When we released it, we didn’t think it would be so well received. In my opinion, it’s a bit childish, both the sound and the songs themselves. I find the vocals particularly scandalous! It’s not the kind of stuff that I would show proudly to strangers. As for the promotion, I think we’ve moved every stone to reach as many people as possible.

In February 2018, you had a gig at Rocktogon. What did the faces of those attending the concert reflect? How much encouragement did you get?

Peter: I don’t think we could complain in terms of the audience, we were quite welcomed at Rocktogon. We hope we can expect a similar reaction at our future gigs!

Unfortunately, I saw that the band was almost split up from the summer of 2018, you became quite inactive. Was it the split of the band members and the search period for new ones? Did you two stop playing music?

Peter: After the concert, the band ran out of momentum. I left in the summer of 2018 and I spent about a year in the band called Midller. Then in February 2021 we met again with Marci and slowly started working together, and the result was this album.

Marci: For me, it was a period of development. Some of the songs on the record are either 7-9 years old and as for the sound quality, I didn’t want any more material like the demo. I started a lot of new one-man band projects, talked to a lot of people I learned from, and from time to time I joined other bands. I wanted the knowledge I gained with these acts to peak on this record.

Would you present your current membership? Who has played music so far and how serious is the intention now?

Marci: Before Akrasia, Bence played in a symphonic/melodeath group called Avoidance. He is the youngest of us at the age of 21, yet he plays dangerously well, practices modestly every day, and shows incredible dedication every time he can. He often even brings the fucking bass guitar to our private parties, where he shows off his new neon strings, talks about underground prog songs known to no one, and constantly speaks about music theory that is incomprehensible to us, which of course, gets on everyone’s nerves. For Peter, practically this was his first major formation in 2017. Anyone who watches 1-2 solos from him can see that there was never any doubt about his intentions, the pal is a real talent. I played guitar in Needless before Akrasia. It was the first really serious and viable band I could be in at the time.

So another sign of life from the band arrived at the end of 2021, with the release of a full-length album. Where did you record the album “Act of Will”? Was this level of sound quality right for you? Did you reach the desired level?

Marci: In my room…. haha! I can honestly only hope that we’ve achieved the right quality. Since I mixed and mastered the record on my own PC, I have unlimited access to the so-called studio. It’s a pretty good and bad thing. Whenever I feel like, I can listen it back, I can adjust things. After a while, if you make small changes to every little shit, you’ll just roll in your ears and not hear the difference between the very good and the very bad. I’m a very maximalist person with some OCD traits, so this process often took whole days. Sometimes I just came out of my room to eat and go to the toilet. By the end, I was simply exhausted both mentally and physically. The songs had already been abstracted into a massive inexhaustible noise for me, so I said “sigh, okay, fuck that crap, it’ll be good enough”. When the record came out, I didn’t listen to it for weeks. After listening to me again in a refreshed, clear state of mind, I said, well, yeah, there are small things that could’ve been better, but I worked my ass off for it and overall, I’m happy with it.

Bence: The bass parts were recorded in the summer of 2021. An important part of the recording process was Marci’s Sloth themed socks, which we used as a fretwrap. The studio work is all his merit. I have sent him some of the criticisms that we’ve considered and accepted, so we did some changes before the final release. I’m very proud of every second of the album.

Bence Bajnáczki is the only new member, but I don’t see a drummer in your lineup! Is it still not final? What changed when Bence arrived?

Marci: Unfortunately, this drummer misery has always been with us haha! However, I have to say, luckily it looks like it won’t stay that way for long, but we’ll talk about that later! I noticed that with the arrival of Bence, both I and Peter became more motivated. When he joined, he practically learned all the songs flawlessly in a few weeks. He is also involved in the process of composing songs and creating vocal melodies. He has very creative bass lines.

Do you already have more serious goals and plans for how the album was released?

Marci: For now, we want to promote the material as much as it’s possible, then start doing gigs when we’re ready.

The publication will be available on all the major streaming platforms at the end of January 2022. Don’t you want to release it in physical format? Do you have any opportunities?

Marci: There are a couple of minor opportunities already, but we want to stay independent until the lineup is 110% solid. If all goes well, in a very limited number of copies for now, but the album will soon be available in physical format as well.

What is most characteristic of the songs on the album is that there is quite a lot of experimentation going on inside the thrash / death metal genre. It’s clear that you have a lot of inspiration and you can go in many different directions. Compared to the demo, I think the music has changed a lot. What do you think about this? How do you see the development and otherness compared to the demo?

Peter: Significant progress has been made in the sound compared to the demo, but the method is the same, the mixing is entirely Marci’s merit. The band itself started out as thrash metal, but today we’ve moved on and want to get into the stream with more up-to-date music.

Marci: I definitely wanted a varied record, so I’m glad you say that! In my opinion, the structures of the songs are much more mature, with less unnecessary, self-serving flash. Sure, there are some here and there, but I believe they fit in the context of the songs. Of course, there has been tremendous progress in the sound and in vocals as well. Perhaps the biggest change was that we started listening to a massive amount of Gojira between the demo and the record, which had a huge impact on us.

Bence: I think we can fit into a lot of genres. As the songs are composed and orchestrated, they also give some sort of guidance to our genre affiliation, but I think what adds the most interesting flavor to our sound is the mixing. I think it has a very strong psychedelic effect on it. I think this is due to the fact that we experimented a lot because we did everything ourselves.

To what extent would live actions be currently feasible? Thinking here about incomplete membership? Could this be the next step in showing yourself to as many people as possible?

Peter: In terms of performances, we’re just starting the rehearsals, and of course, we want to take our music to as many places as possible. Looks like we’ve found the right drummer, we just have to try it out and make the production stage-ready.

Since, in my opinion, metal bands in Hungary have a bit more difficulty than in other countries, but due to the opportunity provided by the Internet, it has become easier to go abroad compared to the old days, so I would like to know what opportunities you see now? Do you want to take advantage of every opportunity, or do you only take advantage of it if it is absolutely right in all areas?

Marci: Cliché, but we have no idea what the future holds. In my opinion, it’s not that easy after all. Nowadays, anyone can record entire albums in their room, so the selection in the music field has expanded enormously. It became very competitive and you have to fight for every single listening. Of course, if there is a good opportunity, we will seize it because we trust our music and want to reach as many people as possible.

Since you are young enough, do you think it is possible that you will play music in 20 years? How affected was the charm of the elapsed music period? What is the order of importance in your life right now?

Peter: It’s absolutely realistic that we’re going to be playing music in 20 years, most of us play instruments at the age of sixteen, and music / making music has been an integral part of our lives so far.

Bence: I think it’s just good for me now. I love to connect with people and play music with them so much, so I can’t imagine that one way or another, but the music wouldn’t be in my life or members of Akrasia either. For me, this is the most important thing in my life right now. That may still change, of course, but I think I’ve already managed to find myself in this.

Please write a few lines in order for as many people as possible to visit Akrasia’s music on the streaming links!

Marci: If you like a variety of metal hidden in a modern robe, but at the same time uncompromising, be sure to give our music a try!

Thank you for the answers and I am really confident that many will notice you and you can accomplish a lot!

Marci: Thank you very much for the great wishes and for the great questions!


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