CREEPING FLESH – Swedish old-school death metal unit unleash new album today

Photo by: David Mauritzon

One of the first rules of old-school death metal is “Never to invoke the name of Bolt Thrower in vain”. Because the backlash can hit you big time if you do not deliver the goods when you do it. Today, Swedish prodigal death metal sons CREEPING FLESH release their sophomore album “…And Then the Bombs Came”, invoke the Holy Name and they live up to expectations.

Because they are not simply copycats or one-trick ponies. They take the old-school death metal legacy, as left by bands such as Bolt Thrower, Asphyx, and Hail of Bullets, add it their own identity and the Swedish melody of bands such as Hypocrisy, Grave and Unleashed, and drag it to the most savages battlefields of WWII.

The result is “…And Then the Bombs Came”, an album that not only lives up to the high expectations of those who have heard Creeping Flesh debut album, but conquers new extreme fields and takes the young Swedes further and higher in the scene.

…And Then the Bombs Came” is out today on CD and digital formats via Emanzipation Productions. The LP (grey vinyl, limited to 300 units) is expected to be available in April. Orders and pre-orders are available here.

Established in Swedish Death Metal haven Gothenburg in 2013, Creeping Flesh started on a mission to play their own style of mid-tempo, old-school death metal. After releasing an EP each year during the following three years, their debut album “Into the Meat Grinder” came in 2019 to great critical acclaim.

They now have a solid following due to consistent musical output, as well as a reputation for energetic, no holds barred, headbang-inducing live shows.

Martin Kadhammar – drums
Robert Karlsson – vocals
William Persson Öberg – guitars
Sofus Stille – guitars
Korp Thidrandir – bass



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