Croatian Metal Band DISTORZIJA UMA (Mind Distortion) has a new song that sings about Nothingness

The song Nishta (Nothing) is the second song that Distorzija uma released with the returnee to the band Davor Delić. First one was Ponor (Abyss) released earlier this year. The song was recorded in their own production with Delić as the producer. The music was written by Nikola Aleksić and Delić, while the lyrics are signed by Aleksić. The song sings about the meaning of life and the struggle with emptiness that many people find hard to cope with. The video was shot in their own production with the drummer Vjeran Birimiša taking the role of the producer. This is the first song released with the new bass player Dino Bajrić that joined the band this year. 

Distorzija uma (Mind Distortion) is Croatian metal band from Split formed back in 2001. It was founded by Nikola Aleksić and Jakša Marušić who were friends from faculty. So far they have released one album in 2004 titled with the same name as the band Distorzija uma. Band has gone through numerous line up changes with Aleksić remaining as the only original member. Band was active from 2001 to 2004 and then split up. It was refounded in 2009 for a short while and then again reforged with Aleksić and Marušić in 2014 till today.  Vjeren Birimiša (ex Dissector) as a longtime friend of the band joined up in 2017. Curiosity is that Birimiša plays with only one hand. In 2018 Davor Delić (ex Staro željezo and Last man standing) rejoined the band (being a member in 2004 and in 2009) and the band leaned more towards metal music. Last change was when Dino Bajrić (ex Reckoning) as bass player joined the band in May 2021. From 2014 the band produced a number of singles as Radna verzija, Vukovar, Umri sad ti, Ponor and the last one now Nishta. “Umri sad ti” was the first song that the band had the official video that was shown on TV on CMC Maldoror Metal Box show.

They are preparing a second album called Prokleti svijet (Damned World) . It will be released as soon as all the material is ready.

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