In Greek mythology, the chimera is a lion-headed, goat-bodied, snake-tailed monster. The beast or demon is often described as a female… Phrenelith’s album, which was released last year, is also a monster, only it slumbers in the devouring, dark abyss and stoops its prey from this pit. Nowadays the Danes are experts when it comes to play disgusting death metal – I could easily list five bands, whose speciality is the deep, severe, sometimes doomish type of death metal.

The same vomit-recipe works for Phrenelith – fast riff massacre followed by sluggish, dread down-tempos, which are completed with an infernal drum and bass duo.

But what makes this LP different is the dark atmosphere. The reverb effect of the vocals, the doomy beats of the drums, the barren tone of the guitar all form a dark microcosmos around Chimaera.


1. Awakening Titans
2. Chimaerian Offspring - Part I
3. Phlegethon
4. Gorgonhead
5. Kykytos
6. Χίμαιρα
7. Chimaerian Offspring - Part II

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