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Welcome Beelzebub! Not so long ago I read the news that Mystic Circle is together again. Back then you had a huge part in the metal scene. What memories do you have from the second half of the 90’s?

The second half of the 90’s. Well it was lots of touring, lot’s of studio work. We had touring, studio, touring, studio, touring, studio… It was a cool time with lots of festivals and we came together with Cannibal Corpse, Deicide. So yeah. It was a very busy time with lots of time on the road and in the studio.

I heard good critics about your band as a whole. How different were your goals and plans when you first started as opposed to now?

Now we are Blackwar and myself together as a two piece. We are the founding members. We founded the band 1992. So when we met up 1 year ago we never thought that Mystic Circle would come back again. When we met that evening we talked about the band and the visions we had and the spirit we had. We fastly came together and it was like in the old days. Then we said that we gonna start writing the next day, and we wrote this first song in our studio as a pre-production and ,,Belial Is My Name”. From then on it’s through inspiration. And then the record company got involved, Atomic Fire. By this time we are completely inspired of this old spirit.

Unfortunately there’s been quite a lot of member changes, but with A. Blackwar you had this Mystic Circle magic. What do you think, what caused the member changes back then? Who else helped you with the development of the band?

I think that I am together with Blackwar again is by this spirit, and it is a straight continuation of the 1999 album ,,Infernal Satanic Verses” and it’s the return of the old Mystic Circle logo. When we both come together it sounds like how Mystic Circle should sound and what is should be. If we weren’t 100% sure on the goals, we wouldn’t started again.

What do you think is your most successful album? How much buzz did Mystic Circle create in the Black Metal scene?

I think our most well-known albums are ,,Drachenblut” and ,,Infernal Stanatic Verses” worldwide.

After 7 albums you guys split, but you kept in touch with A. Blackwar, you just didn’t make music. How did you spend that time together? Did you completely stop with music?

Well, for myself after I quit in 2007 I other passion that’s punk music. And in 2008 I went on tour again for 10 years. So until 2018. Then I quit music. I only was a listener and a fan, then all this Mystic Circle stuff came out again.


After I heard your newest album, all I can say is that it’s really quality work. It may be one of your best album so far. It was a completely new scenario for you to even make it. Would you say that you were a bit burned out back then and now you can finally let your ideas come freely through you again?

Absolutely. When I quit the band in 2007 I didn’t feel it anymore. So it was time for me to stop this. I never thought that Mystic Circle would come back again, but if I didn’t meet up with Blackwar that band would’ve never returned again. This is a great inspiration for me. It’s like brotherhood now with that guy.

How much time did it take to record in total with the mixing? Was this the least amount of time you ever spent working on an album?

We did one time at a week in the studio and then the production. The songs are flowing right now. We already have a second album done and we are in the pre-production in the third album. It’s not a problem for us right now. It’s just inspiration flowing through our souls and we work completely good together. It’s amazing.

Is it totally satisfying for you to play music as a duo or are you trying to find new members?

I always say that Blackwar and I are the captains of the ship. When it comes to live performance we use guest musicians, but we have nothing planned for now. And this leadership of me and Blackwar will not change for sure.

In what ways do you think this album is different from the rest of them? Is this one more gutiar centric?

I think from the sound, and the fact that we don’t take compromises, we did 100% for this album. The artwork, the production… Everything in both of our eyes is perfect. I think in the older days we used more of this symphonic sound with keyboards, but nowadays it’s more like bootleg combinated with dishamonic metal melodies, and we use more samples. It’s much darker than in the old days and I think that it’s the main difference.

For the ending of the album you covered a song called ,,Death Metal” from the band Possessed. Why did you think of this song? Is this one of your all-time-favourites?

It shows our roots and it’s a song from our youth. When a Possessed album came out in the 80’s, it was a complete revolution. They are one of the first band to make this satanic thrash metal and the complete chaos. It was a big influence for us in the old days when we were young and very rebellious. We chose this song, because it represents the our youth.


Now that you are here again up and running. What can we expect from you in the future? Is it possible that you will write another 4 albums?

As I said before, we written the next 2 albums, and it depends. We wait. We have a great record label, we are at Atomic Fire, and this people are like family for us and they support us completely. We would want to do some good video productions in the future, so yeah. Everything is fixed. We are ready for the next 2 albums.

When could you start playing shows? Who would the guest musicians be?

Well, it’s not planned at the moment, because we are waiting what’s happening. How big we are, or how big will we get, and we will do a big satanic show when we play live, but maybe it will take 2 or 3 years before we go on the road again. It really depends on how big we will be. If we have the money and the options to play live shows, then we will surely do it, but it takes time.

I believe that a lot of people will be interested in your music and a lot of them is gonna buy it too. We are keeping an eye on you. Thank you for yours answers. If you have anything you wish to say to the fans, you are welcome to say it!

Thank you. It’s an honour and a pleasure for us to be back, and we are waiting and hoping for you to like our music. We are 100% behind that and enjoy the album. See you on concerts, even if it takes 15 years! And thank you for your support!

The interview was taken with Beelzebub on 03.02.2022.

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