HIV – streaming second single; new album coming this Friday


HIV – the grindcore trio from Poland have just revealed second single from their upcoming album The Bright Side Of Everything. The second single “Peace And Quiet” is now streaming on Selfmadegod Records’ YouTube profile at THIS LOCATION

The Bright Side Of Everything is the second full length of this Polish band with ex and current members from NUCLEAR HOLOCAUST, DEATH CRUSADE, PUTRID EVIL, WITCHFUCK, SACROFUCK. The material consists of 18 brutal and intense grindcore songs that will appeal to all fans of EXCRUCIATING TERROR, TERRORIZER, PHOBIA, REPULSION, and THE KILL.

The album was recorded on July 2021 at Skog Vegas Studio and will be released February 18th 2022 on Selfmadegod Records.


HIV started in July 2021 by writing and recording their debut demo Contraction – all done over one weekend. Since then this formula has played well for them. From the multitude of recording sessions, so far they have released an official Contraction demo tape by Mythrone promotion, as well as a debut album Stay Positive via Sanctus Propaganda. They have played some shows with bands such as Nuclear Holocaust, Unborn Suffer and Death Crusade, to name just a few.


1. More Room For Your Stuff
2. Spend Time With Friends
3. Develop Your Hobbies
4. Buy Yet Another Band Shirt
5. The Whole Bed’s For You
6. No Cleaning After Anybody
7. You Watch What You Want
8. Peace And Quiet
9. Drink As Much As You Like
10. No More Parent-Teacher Meetings
11. Play Your Music In The Car
12. Don’t Have To Share A Box Of Chocolates
13. Focus On Your Career
14. Get Home Late
15. Sleep  Long
16. Don’t Have To Listen
17. Don’t Have To Talk
18. Be Yourself For Yourself

Contraction demo (2018)
Stay Positive (2019)
The Bright Side Of Everything (2022)

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