IMPERIAL AGE announce new album New World – Out August 5

“The World has changed. I see it in the Water. I feel it in the Earth. I smell it in the Air.”– J.R.R. Tolkien

Four years have passed since the release of our latest album “The Legacy of Atlantis”, a concept album and a metal opera about Atlantis – the ancient advanced civilisation, and Magic – the legacy of that civilisation.

Since then many things have changed in ourselves and in the world around us, and this is also reflected in the new music.

While built upon the foundation of its predecessor musically and lyrically, “New World” is faster, heavier and focuses on such concepts as Development, Evolution, Path (Dao), Freedom, Exploration and Knowledge. If “Legacy of Atlantis” was element Water, “New World” is element Air.

The cover art is once again symbolic (using the same language as the symbols in Tarot decks), and contains a cipher which closely follows the lyrics. Can you de-cipher it?

Despite being faster and heavier than the previous album, “New World” retains all the signature features of Imperial Age symphonic metal style: punchy guitars & drums, symphonic orchestra (this is the first time we actually recorded live orchestral instruments on all songs), symphonic choir, anthem-style choruses and 3 different lead singers: Aor, Jane and Kiara.

The album contains 7 regular tracks and one enormous 18-minute-long metal symphony called “Call of the Towers” that is stylistically a bit different from the other songs – darker, a bit tragic but at the same time elevated and spiritual, sometimes a bit resembling “Turn the Sun Off!”. It even has a 3-minute-long church organ solo.

1. Windborn [03:40]
2. Legend of the Free [04:17]
3. The Way is the Aim [04:01]
4. Shackles of Gold [04:02]
5. The Wheel [04:14]
6. To the Edge of the Known [03:40]
7. Distant Shores [04:44]
8. Call of the Towers [18:12]

Total play time: 46 minutes 48 seconds

The album will be released worldwide on 05th August 2022, in the following formats: Digital, CD, Digipack, Double-CD Earbook and Vinyl.

4 singles will be released ahead of the album in Digital and CD formats, accompanied by 5 music videos and 8 live videos from the “Live New World” online concert with choir and orchestra.

The ‘New World’ album & music videos have been 100% crowdfunded by our fans during the campaign of July-August 2021. All Crowdfunder Bundles will be shipped and emailed by 05 July 2022. All singles will also be emailed in digital format to all Crowdfunders two weeks before their respective release dates.

Pre-order for everyone else will open soon, so stay tuned!


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