EREB ALTOR – Vargtimman

The reason of the formation of Ereb Altor from Sweden in 2003 was nothing else but to guard the traditions of Bathory and to carry on their spirituality. The band absolutely stand the strain in this regard, even developing a unique style during the long years. Among others, it might be due to the unique vocals and the musical humbleness fed by the fire of Swedish traditions and ancient forces. Even now, the album is dominated by slower and uplifted themes; however, the fury and certain black metal characteristics are also present. The clear vocals guide the listener into a completely different dimension. The guitars, furthermore, substitute the overall picture with massive, imaginative, and sometimes uplifted play. One wants to experience it numerous times with the intention to travel with the music.

The new material from Ereb Altor is a very good album. They are continuously worthy of Bathory‘s legacy.


1. I Have the Sky
2. Vargtimman
3. Fenris
4. Rise of the Destroyer
5. Alvablot
6. Den dighra döden	
7. Ner i mörkret
8. Heimdals Horn

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