SARGAS Praise The Lunar God With New Single Matrix Moon

What if a Goddess was born from the Moon?” is what Sargas pondered while writing the song Matrix Moon. After being featured on Metal Hammer’s March Issue, Sargas return by singing the praise of the false savior of humanity after a cataclysmic event which is a part of the main storyline of their upcoming album.  

Vocalist/Producer Saleh Rezaei noted:
Traditionally in theology, gods are born from the sun and we wanted to do something different, a god being born from the moon is a Dark Twist in the story of our upcoming album.  Humans also seek the help of a higher power while faced with disaster in our storyline we just gave them that but what if that savior has ominous motives? listen to Matrix Moon and find out!” 

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More About The Band

Crushing Death Metal grooves of gloomy roars. Iranian Death Metal quintet Sargas redefines Death Metal norms with their specific brand of Nihilistic Metal.

Formed in 2018 by Guitarist Salar Alizadeh and Drummer Hamed Sadraei, the Tehran Death Metal/Groove Metal outfit evolved through various line-ups of the initial songwriting stage of their upcoming debut album.
Alongside their approach to the Death Metal genre, Sargas often delve into the realms of Black and Doom Metal for further inspiration and aren’t afraid to rebel against the clean singing taboo that is always present in extreme metal music.

After Sargas’ debut single ‘Home’ premiered on Decibel and after the release of their second single Labyrinth of Evolution, in 2022, they were featured in the New-Noise Round Up segment of the March issue of Metal Hammer 

Photography by: Ghasem Khalaj 

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