WILDERUN – Epigone

The freshly arrived fourth release of Wilderun from Boston is my admission card to the band’s legacy. Although I already met their name here and there, until now we somehow managed to avoid each other. Therefore it is not easy for me to review Epigone on the first run. I am already in trouble to list the music into a specific subgenre – maybe Opeth could serve as a starting point. However, so many things happen in the music that one can hardly keep up: the listener may find here everything from soft parts to rough metal. Although the record starts quite unhurriedly, but the deeper we dig into the album, the wider the cavalcade of musical solutions opens up, so it is redundant to listen to it just momentarily. Besides soft singing, rough vocals also present, which provides another sensational experiences. To be honest, processing this music is not easy even after numerous listens: sometimes I can hardly follow the track, not to mention that a certain mood is required.

Still, we are dealing here with a music of high standard, even though it can be difficult to digest.


1. Exhaler
2. Woolgatherer
3. Passenger
4. Identifier
5. Ambition
6. Distraction I
7. Distraction II
8. Distraction III
9. Distraction Nulla

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