INIQUITY – cult album “Grime” to be re-released by EMZ in March


Short-lived and intense. Such was the career of the Danish technical death metal export number one band of the late 90s, Iniquity. They did help define the “Scandivanian sound” in extreme metal – and particularly of death metal – since their debut album “Serenadium” in 1996 and created a classic record of the genre right there. “Five Across The Eyes”, three years later, showed an evolution sound, much more clear in production and somehow more harmonic, without losing the brutality and technical prowess. But the best was saved for their swan-song. And this swan-song is called “Grime” and was released originally in 2001. 

For the very first time, Iniquity had almost a stable line-up, with only the guitar player Kræn Meier (nowadays in Artillery) as the new member, replacing Brian Eriksen. They enjoyed this stability with a smooth and faster composition, releasing “Grime” only two years after “Five Across The Eyes”. And their obvious domination of Scandinavian – and European – death metal was quite obvious right from track one. Mads Haarlev turned into a monster vocalist – in technicality, spitting the words clear and fast, but also brutality and intensity, with one of the most recognizable growls, even today, in death metal. Backing it up, were ten amazing technical death metal tracks, oozing with double bass drumming and blastbeats as well as unbelievable technical details that sent shivers down the spine of every genre fan in each one of the 46 minutes of the album. 

Not surprisingly, “Grime” was received with great praise from both fans and press alike and helped bringing the most technical death metal a step forward in popularity. Iniquity were definitely a hot band in the yes of the fans and extreme metal media darlings with the scene at their feet… But unfortunately, the turbulence returned to the line-up shortly after the release of “Grime” and the project disbanded two years after the album release. Iniquity returned a couple of times since then, only to play a few shows and slip back to a quiet and silent subject of cult adoration in the death metal scene. But their record legacy lives on, with “Grime” being the most accomplished, final format of their musical excellence ever recorded. 

Now, for the first time ever, the final Iniquity studio album will be re-released in vinyl format, with the sound remastered at Angioni Studios, and two different LP colour variants, each limited to 300 copies: black and marbled grey/black. A fitting revival of one of the best death metal albums ever recorded, and a feast to all true extreme metal collectors. 

“Grime” tracklist:
A1. Tides Of Vengeance
A2. The Bullet’s Breath
A3. Border Into Shadow
A4. Bloodletting
A5. Spawn Of The Abscess
B1. Thawed For Breeding
B2. Stygian
B3. The Last Incantation
B4. Poets Of The Trench
B5. Part II

Grime” will be re-released on LP (black and marbled grey/black vinyls, each limited to 300 copies) on March 4thth, 2022 via Emanzipation Productions. Pre-orders available here.

Recording line-up:
Jesper Frost – drums
Thomas Fagerlind – bass 
Kræn Meier – lead guitar 
Mads Haarløv – vocals, guitar 



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