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After a hiatus of more than two years due to some legal troubles with former members and logically the pandemic, the X-EMPIRE formed by Michel Villares (vocals), Emerson Soares (bass) and Andre Silva (guitar) continued composing – and also recording – material for a new resurgence. In 2022, more precisely on February 18th, the band was reborn from the ashes with new approaches, sound, line-up and, of course, new material! Together with the hired drummer Dough D’Magalhaes, also Michel Villares’ partner in the Brutal Technical Death Metal band, Death Conspiracy, “Paralyzed”, the group’s new single/video clip, was released exclusively on Bandcamp and YouTube, but soon will also be available in all digital streaming platforms.

Bringing hateful guttural vocals, melodies with lots of feeling, inserts of Groove MetalDjentProgMetal and even MetalcoreX-EMPIRE since its formation has never been afraid to experiment and evolve, now showing strong influences of bands like MeshuggahTriviumScar SymmetryMutiny Within, among others more modern and technical, in order not to limit their art. 

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Production, Sound Engineering, Mixing and Mastering by Michel Villares (M&H Studio)
Co-Production and Additional Sound Engineering by Ricky Franco (M&H Studio)
Ambiences, Keyboards and Synthesizers by Caio Garibaldi
Video Direction, Production and Editing by Michel Villares (M&H Studio)
Direção de Vídeo, Produção e Edição por Michel Villares (M&H Studio)
Post Production and Cover Art by Emerson Soares
Filmed at Rising Power Studios, Santo Andre, SP/Brazil 

“The new single “Paralyzed” is a song initially created for a class the guitarist Andre Marques was taking with me, who at the time wasn’t even part of X-EMPIRE yet. When we needed a guitarist, he was the first on the list to be remembered. We reworked the arrangements, riffs and everything, although everything sounded great before, and inserted some drum tracks full of breaks and rhythm changes, so I called my Death Conspiracy partner, Dough D’Magalhães, who is a master at this, recording everything in 1 day! Music and video takes! Not forgetting, of course, the incredible work of Caio Garibaldi on the ambiences and our whole team”, said Michel Villares.

“X-EMPIRE was very fortunate in the creation of “Paralyzed”. The idea was to continue the process of renewal in the compositions and modernization of our sound. The world metal scene has undergone an update in recent years, especially in the mix of more melodic and catchy vocals, as well as elements of Djent. The essence of X-EMPIRE is to always mature each one of our works and keep a creative and contemporary sound”, completed Emerson Soares.

“The composition work on “Paralyzed” was a little difficult, because since the beginning we knew it would be something more catchy, but we wanted to get away from the old standard. We tried to update the sound until we reached a more modern, mature sound that would show a little of the band’s current maturity”Andre Silva concluded.

Very soon, new material will be released, including three fully acoustic tracks, two acoustic music videos, a new single titled “Replacing”, and much more! The art of X-EMPIRE will never have limits!

More informations:
Formed in 2012, in the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil, X-EMPIRE aims to express their sound in a contemporary way, using new and deep lyrical concepts that combine with the melodies in total balance, pleasing much of the audience appreciator of striking choruses and more progressive, modern and heavy strands within the Metal. With vocals that vary from melodic to harsh, interspersed with guttural passages and ripped, foster a unique sound based on guitar riffs well structured, technical bass and drums and currently influences ranging from Groove MetalDjentProgMetal and even Metalcore.


“No Answers” (Single/2013)
“End Of Times” (EP/2014)
“Grief” (Álbum/2017)
“Hard To Breathe” (Single/2020)
“Paralyzed” (Single/2022)


Michel Villares – Vocals
Andre Silva – Guitars
Emerson Soares – Bass
Dough D’Magalhaes – Drums

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