HELLBORE Release New Single “All Men Are Created Evil” At Decibel Magazine


Death metal band HELLBORE have unleashed their new single “All Men Are Created Evil” via Decibel Magazine. The song is from their upcoming album Panopticon which is out on March 18th.


The band comments “‘All Men Are Created Evil ‘is probably the most technical song on the album. It was the first one to be written and was one of the most challenging ones to get sounding right due to all the different things going on instrumentally. The track has a couple of reprieves but is pretty much all guns blazing for four minutes, closing with a mid-tempo groovy outro ”

Following their debut album Holy Sadist released in 2019Panopticon features creative sonic storytelling, technical guitar madness, a barrage of extreme vocal styles, and immaculate production. From the dramatic, orchestral fuelled opening track “Libertus” to the epic “Panopticon” in three chapters, the new album is a dark, immersive experience. Guttural screams and demonic vocals enshroud the atmosphere with a haunting twist, while hard hitting instrumentation and marching rhythms manifest a powerful heaviness. Introducing technical guitars in “All Men Are Created Evil” and an unexpected jazz section in “Terror Eyes”, HELLBORE have have grappled with charismatic musical styles and developed them seamlessly into their sound.

Panopticon delivers a thrilling exploration of themes such as extremism, media control, religious fundamentalism, and social engineering. Facing the difficult experiences of endurance head on, the album brings an emotional liberation with an immense sound. 



Charlie Munro, based in the UK, all guitars, bass, mixing and production
Chris Whitby, based in New York, vocalsLinks:


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