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Intimately tied to their roots, ARCHGOAT‘s coming mini album channels the rawness and devastation of the debut EP “Angelcunt” (1993) in four gruesome new compositions. “All Christianity Ends” is a brutally-focused reminder that while the infamous Finnish Black Metal legends continue to evolve, develop and even refine their hellish sound over recent full-lengths, the elemental building blocks of classic ARCHGOAT remain sequenced in their DNA.

As a first devilish evocation, Debemur Morti Productions present the opener ‘Ascension Towards The Promethean Fire‘. Listen to the track via Bandcamp or on the label’s YouTube channel!


01. Ascension Towards The Promethean Fire
02. Crown Cloaked With Death
03. Nightside Prayer
04. The Semen Of Anti Mastery

All Christianity Ends” was recorded between June 4th and 6th, 2021 and sound engineered by Teemu VelinRitual Butcherer is responsible for the production. The cover art was, as tradition demands, created by Chris Moyen (Thorncross Design), while the layout was done by Kontamination Design.

The mini album will be released on CD, vinyl (including an exclusive DMP edition) and digitally, accompanied by high-quality merchandise, on April 22nd. Pre-orders are possible via the label’s EUUS and Bandcamp shops.


ARCHGOAT crawled from the deepest pits of hell to form in 1989, a demonic trio consisting of the brothers Ritual Butcherer and Lord Angelslayer on guitars and vocals/bass respectively, as well as Blood Desecrator on drums. After a pair of demo tapes, ARCHGOAT shook the Black Metal world in 1993 with the release of their debut EP “Angelcunt (Tales of Desecration)“, showcasing a relentless and bestial blend of Black and Death Metal. With a growing dissolution with the Black Metal scene at large, and a disagreement with their then record label Necropolis Records over the terms of their debut record, ARCHGOAT vanished from scene in late 1993.

In 2004 the gates reopened anew. ARCHGOAT returned to finally release their long-lost material the following year, and then their first official full-length, “Whore of Bethlehem“, in 2006. Since then they have released two more albums, “The Light-Devouring Darkness” in 2009 and “The Apocalyptic Triumphator” in 2015 under Debemur Morti Productions, as well as a series of splits, EPs, and compilations. Between releases they have carved out a reputation for their malevolent live rituals, storming the shores of Europe, the United States, and Mexico alongside bands such as BEHEXENBLACK WITCHERY, and HELL MILITIA.

2018 saw ARCHGOAT unleash their satanic opus “The Luciferian Crown“, their second full length under Debemur Morti. An ungodly black sacrament of a kind that only ARCHGOAT can craft, “The Luciferian Crown” is a testament to what Black Metal should be, bestial, unrelenting, and unholy. Black Metal changed, ARCHGOAT did not, and it is their capable hands that shall carry the black flame forward for years to come.

In 2020, the live album “Black Mass XXX” adequately captured the angelslaying chaos present during their gig in Paris in September 2019. The recorded concert was part of ARCHGOAT‘s 30-year anniversary gig series and a worthy addition to their discography. With “Worship The Eternal Darkness” (out November 2021), the Finnish Black Metal band will cement their well-earned reputation for being one of the most consistent bands the scene has ever seen. ARCHGOAT‘s fifth album is, once again, a unique synthesis of occult Finnish Black/Death Metal, harsh Punk, primal Thrash and Grindcore.

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