CULTIC – York, PA death/doom act premiere “Beseech the Olden Throne” Video at Invisible Oranges; Album ‘Of Fire and Sorcery’ comes April

“Of Fire and Sorcery is a celebration of the strange, shadowy corners of heavy metal that have managed to remain unpolished and abhorrent throughout the years.” — Ted Nubel, Invisible Oranges


Cultic have unleashed “Beseech the Olden Throne,” the first single from the upcoming sophomore album, Of Fire and Sorcery. The York, PA dungeon death/doom-mongers have teamed up with Invisible Oranges (full feature AT THIS LOCATION) to debut the video for “Beseech the Olden Throne.” The video resembles a cross between a late 1970s rotoscoped film and a punk rock flyer. The king’s battle helmet from their first video, “Forest of Knives,” makes a reappearance in a different context. The video was produced entirely by the Cultic co-founders: Brian and Rebecca Magar.

Cultic vocalist/guitarist Brian Magar informs:
“Covid forced us to rethink our strategy when it came to the creation of the video. The process was tricky because we chose to shoot everything ourselves. We did this using a handful of iPhones, one tripod, and a 10 ft green screen. Not an easy feat for two people. I’ve always liked the look and feel of old rotoscoped movies. So, I was kind of aiming for something similar in tone when it came to the postproduction work. There was a steep learning curve involved in creating this ourselves. The song is about harnessing inner power. I think we achieved this goal.” 

The album Of Fire and Sorcery is due out on CD-r and digital on 22 April 2022 via Eleventh Key. CD/Merch/Bundle Packages can be PRE-ORDERED at the Eleventh Key WEBSTORE or the group’s BANDCAMP

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Cultic was initiated in 2016 by Brian and Rebecca Magar (both also part of the dark ambient/tribal band The Owls A.N.W.T.S). The York, PA husband/wife duo soon offered the first taste of their wizardry on the Prowler demo in 2017. Recruiting the bassist Reese Harlacker, Cultic forged their own brand of fantasy-based, battle-death/doom/punk-metal crossover on the 2019’s debut, High Command, a conceptual album telling an archetypal story of rival powers — strength, will and dominance are recurring themes throughout.

The upcoming album, Of Fire and Sorcery, is a psychedelic journey through a world where magic and might are paramount. From this realm, Cultic weave a bizarre tapestry of extreme doom, death metal, black metal, traditional heavy metal, martial industrial, and dungeon synth — an amalgamation that propels listeners into an outlandish universe. Of Fire and Sorcery proves that Cultic’s mystique and high art concepts are unwavering and ironclad. The cover artwork, painted by the drummer Rebecca Magar, pays homage to the summoning of the dragon seen on Cultic’s debut High Command. Placing both pieces of art side by side forms a diptych that unveils a new chapter in the Cultic narrative. Each song on the album is visually represented within the album art, either literally or figuratively.

Though not noted on the album, Rebecca Magar sings half of each verse on the bonus track “Iron Spider.” The song stems from a long-running inside joke (rumor has it that an Iron Spider lurks in Brian and Rebecca’s lawn).

Cultic had a series of setbacks during the pandemic: Coronavirus and their bassist Reese Harlacker’s move to North Carolina forced the band to record remotely from late 2020 into early 2021. Cultic transitioned to a two-piece duo due to Reese’s departure. 

The Of Fire and Sorcery CD release show is slated for 30 April 2022 at the WEST YORK INN in York, PA. They will be playing alongside Altar and the Bull (Evil Black Doom from Pittsburgh), Spellbook (Occult Rock ‘n’ Roll on Cruz Del Sur), Et Mors (DC death-doom merchants), and Vaelastrasz (DC Dungeon Synth Mastery).

Track Listing:
01. Mystical Exaltation 
02. Beseech the Olden Throne 
03. Weaver Deceiver 
04. Potion
05. Invoking the Dragon 
06. Warlock 
07. Sentenced 
08. The Tower
09. Leering from The Pinnacle 
10. Iron Castle 
11. Iron Castle Redux
Bonus Track: Iron Spider

Brian Magar: Guitar, vocals, keyboard, and arrangements
Rebecca Magar: Drums
Reese Harlacker: Bass

Guest Vocals on “Potion” by Jason Schlossman (Vormund) and Steve Dietz (Melancholic).
Guest Vocals on “The Tower” by Bobby Yagodich (Verminoth). 

Cover Art: Rebecca Magar (Wailing Wizard Art).


Eleventh Key:

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