TÓMARÚM premiere new single and visualizer, ‘Where No Warmth Is Found’

Photographer credit: Marissa Godinez

Atlanta, Georgia based progressive black metal band TÓMARÚM are today premiering their new single, Where No Warmth Is Found, and its accompanying visualizer via Metal InjectionWhere No Warmth Is Found is the second single to be taken from the duo’s upcoming debut album, Ash in Realms of Stone Icons, due out via Prosthetic on May 6. 


Ash in Realms of Stone Icons is available to pre-order here.

Where No Warmth Is Found will be available on all streaming platforms on March 4.

Speaking on the track premiere, Kyle Walburn (guitars, vocals, programming) comments:

Where No Warmth is Found was the third song written for the record, and was intended to serve as a true midpoint. I wanted to follow up the intensity of our first single, In This Empty Space, with something a bit calmer, but also wanted an epic, climactic midpoint for the record. I utilized a slower, melancholy chord progression and acoustic guitars in the first half and then picked up the pace with some shred solos, a clean vocal chorus, and a heavily orchestrated, triumphant ending. No Warmth… was the first song where I really started incorporating more progressive/technical influences into our black metal, something that has become our staple as we’ve grown.

“Thematically, the song deals with the same overarching concepts of the rest of the record, but from the lens of betrayal. I’ve had a few situations over the years, some traumatic and others not so much, where people I cared about very deeply broke the trust I had put in them and began to treat me poorly. My mental health took a nosedive as a result, and this song serves as a catharsis for the pain and frustration I felt during those times.”
Formed in 2017, TÓMARÚM  – which translates from Icelandic to “empty space” – cover topics such as depression, anxiety, loss, and worthlessness over songs inspired equally by atmospheric black metal and technical death metal. The band’s 2020 debut EP, Wounds Ever Expanding, quickly generated an online buzz and garnered praise for its effective fusion of atmospheric black metal and technical death metal – after which Kyle Walburn and Brandon Iacovella (guitars, vocals, contrabass) set to work on Ash in Realms of Stone Icons.

The seven tracks on Ash in Realms of Stone Icons feature session bass from Arran McSporran of VIRVUM, session drums from Spencer Moore of INFERI, and a beautiful cover painted by Mariusz Lewandowski, and display TÓMARÚM at their sharpest and most vulnerable to date with Ash in Realms of Stone Icons being the ultimate declaration of intent from a band with their sights set on breaking barriers.


Ash in Realms of Stone Icons tracklist:
1. Introspection I
2. Condemned to a Life of Grief
3. In This Empty Space
4. Introspection II
5. Where No Warmth Is Found
6. As Black Forms From Grey
7. Awake Into Eternal Slumber

Kyle Walburn – guitars, vocals, programming
Brandon Iacovella – guitars, vocals, contrabass

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