SYLVAN REALM unveil their immersive album of black metal, neo-folk and dark rock – Waldeinsamkeit


Sylvan Realm’s second album has overcome considerable adversity on its way to the light. The band, comprised of guitarist/vocalist Sylvan (Reverie), drummer Evan Madden (Woods Of Ypres) and Jason Ian-Vaughn Eckert (Aurora Borealis) began work on the follow up to their well received debut album, The Lodge of Transcendence, back in 2012, but personal circumstances forced the band out of action for nearly seven years. It was 2020 before the album, now christened Waldeinsamkeit, was completed and in September of that year a release strategy was instigated, only to be forgotten as the Covid-19 pandemic ensnared the planet. As a frontline mental health worker Sylvan had little time to spare for his beleaguered album. So now, in 2022, Sylvan and Sylvan Realm are giving Waldeinsamkeit a second chance at life, a second chance to reach out and touch the hearts of listeners with its remarkable emotional power.

Waldeinsamkeit is a German word that eludes any direct translation into English; pinning it down to a single word is like trying to grasp the wisps of morning mist. It conveys the feelings that can only be found in the solitude of a forest, surrounded by nature and isolated from the vacuous noise and mindless chaos of human society. It is the melancholy captured in falling autumn leaves, the sense of reflection that rises as the sun sets, the memories that walk beneath the trees at dusk. It is the perfect title for Sylvan Realm’s new album, which stirs the soul and unlocks the mind with its fusing of neo-folk and black metal, entwined in the thorns of melodic, dark rock. Listeners will become lost in the deep waters of tracks like ‘A Dirge For The Lost’ and the superlative ‘On The Wings Of The Spiritual Dragon’, carried away beneath the canopy of branches, over leaf and stone, as thoughts, dreams and memories unfold around them.Waldeinsamkeit was engineered by Augustine Oritz (Fields Of ElysiumMartorn etc) and Ron Vento (Aurora BorealisRumplestiltskin Grinder etc), mixed and mastered by Mell Dettmer (Acid KingWitch MountainWolves In The Throne Room etc) and together this team have captured the honesty of the album, giving breathing space to each musical component, allowing the unique atmosphere of the songs to permeate every moment. The time is finally right for Waldeinsamkeit to weave its magic and sing its lament to the twilight shadows. Open your heart to this special album and step into the Sylvan Realm.

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