NYCTOPIA released their debut album “Full Moon Calling”


Scotland’s lunatic black metallers Nyctopia are proud to announce the release of their first full-length album „Full Moon Calling“ on 3rd March 2022 through Warhorn Records. The album is noteworthy for its technically excellent, yet thoroughly emotional performance which incorporates into its grim Caledonian hymns some melodic death metal as well as a healthy amount of the finest elements of dark gothic wibe. It includes many guest appearances, ranging from different female singers to the legendary Norwegian Hoest from Taake.

The head of Warhorn Records, Kruxator, admits that the honesty of the Nyctopia’s music was what impressed him the most: „The lyrics, as well the way they are performed, and the overall music have something that makes the listener to believe in their message. You don’t find this very often in modern metal. Knowing vocalist Dave personally, I can confirm that his lyrics really mirror the insane experiences he has lived through – including the call of the full moon“.   

Similar to one of their influences, the infamous Swedish Black Metal Band Dissection, the members of Nyctopia have also gained media attention due to an encounter with the local law enforcement. In 2018 their camping trip took an unexpected turn when the police of Scotland organised a raid against them after the call of a concerned citizen who believed that they might be planning a ritualistic suicide (read here).

Full Moon Calling“ is released on 3 March 2022 physically as 3-fold Digipak and digitally on Warhorn Records’ Bandcamp page.

Full Album on YouTube:

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