UNRU stream BABYLON DOOM CULT RECORDS album ‘Die Wiederkehr des Verdrängten’ at the website of DEAF FOREVER + interview!!


At present, BABYLON DOOM CULT RECORDS is elated to announce the brand new second full-length album ‘DIE WIEDERKEHR DES VERDRÄNGTEN’ by the German atmospheric black metallers of UNRU !

A release date is set for March 4th, 2022 and shall come in the following formats:

A full stream of ‘DIE WIEDERKEHR DES VERDRÄNGTEN’ can now be heard in its entirety, along with a short interview on the website of one of Germany’s finest magazines DEAF FOREVER:


Release date: March 04, 2022
Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal 
Formats: CD / DIGITAL / LP

For fans of: Mayhem, Mount Eerie, Martyrdöd, Terzij de Horde, Ultha

Founded in Bielefeld, Germany in 2012, UNRU made an immediate deep impact with their monumental ‘MMXIII’ demo (re-released on vinyl by Supreme Chaos Records in 2018), to be evolved upon by split recordings with PARAMNESIA, SUN WORSHIP and TONGUE, as well as their disturbing and ferocious debut full-length album ‘Als Tier ist der Mensch nichts’ in 2016.

Babylon Doom Cult Records and UNRU are proud to announce the release of ‘Die Wiederkehr des Verdrängten’ (The Return of the Repressed) – six years in the making, countless hours devoted to revise, retain, revolt, reinvent and survive. It took UNRU strength and time to craft a worthy successor to ‘Als Tier ist der Mensch nichts’, yet with ‘Die Wiederkehr des Verdrängten’ the now 5-piece band finally unleash their second album as a grandiose statement: an unstoppable maelstrom of sound; a five-song sonic tour-de-force, which, aside from the band’s trademark sound, leaves behind the band’s early traces of chaotic German 90’s hardcore or American apocalyptic crust, further opening up the gates of ever so deep blackened gloom and fury, and balancing dissonance and harmony to sheer perfection. 

This album is the distilled essence of all their prior releases, sounding the most black metal the band has ever sounded, without once stumbling into traps of worn out paths this genre ever so often sets. Five emotional songs fueled by the question of what actual freedom and revolution is within the individual as well as the societal I. The five songs reformulate UNRU’s pillars of furious black metalblackened doom, fragile ambient and glorious Mount Eerie-esque immortality to an amalgamation of emotional purity and existential angst.

1. Kråkstad (7:49) 
2. Die Wiederkehr des Verdrängten (5:06) 
3. Der Hauch der Freiheit (12:59) 
4. Hungersteine (15:47) 
5. Eintausend Stimmen (12:33)
Total: (54:23) 

UNRU exists through: 

E – synth & vocals 
H – drums & percussion 
L – guitar & organ 
S – guitar & vocals 
T – bass & vocals

Recorded in August 2020 and April – May 2021 at Spirit Cave, Berlin and Drum Hard, Bielefeld by L. Ennsen & UNRU
Mixed & mastered at Goblin Sound Studio, Cologne by Andy Rosczyk

Cover painting by Jani Kaunisto, titled “I’m on my hands and knees.” (Acryl on canvas, 130cm x 100cm, 2020)  

Layout by Joscha Bauer

Demo MMXIII (Demo / 2013) 
Sun Worship / Unru (Split / Sick Man Getting Sick Records 2013) 
Unru / Paramnesia (Split / Boue Records 2014) 
Als Tier ist der Mensch Nichts (Full-length / Supreme Chaos 2016) 
Unru / Tongue (Split / Supreme Chaos Records 2017) 


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