UK Symphonic Folk Metal Clan BRING TO BEAR reveal first new single “Rising Tide” with video…..!!!


Rising Tide is an adventurous sounding song led by a bold accordion theme. This theme kicks off the song with a feeling of excitement, but as the theme ends the tone changes suddenly to something a lot darker. The verse is growling on top of hard guitars and drums, and the lyrics tell a story of being lost at sea in a dark storm. Accordionist and growler, Ian Tarboton, describes this as being reflective of those moments in life when we feel lost and confused, like a storm raging in our minds.

At the end of the verse it feels like the clouds start to lift a bit as lead singer, Izabela Smyt, sings the build up to the chorus. The chorus comes crashing down like pounding waves from the tide, with growling and singing at the same time. Each vocal style carries its own message, the growling calling out from the deepest parts within us, and the singing bringing clarity of mind. It’s a message to listen to the voice of our hearts to find the clarity within the storms we face.

As the song progresses it launches into a soaring bridge of strings and singing, followed by a breakdown that boldly declares defiance against the storm and a determination to not be stuck in the confusion of mediocrity.

The song overcomes the storm and returns to the adventurous theme that began the journey. Ian Tarboton describes it as being a metaphor for our lives, where we set out on the journey of life and come up against many storms, but by listening to our hearts (what is truly meaningful to us) we rise above the storms and confusion, and we can continue the journey onwards.

Music & lyrics by Ian Tarboton

Artwork by Ian Tarboton

Recorded in May 2021 at Audiohaus Studios, Wembley, London

Bring to Bear band members:

Izabela Smyt – lead vocals

Ian Tarboton – accordion, keyboards, growling

Hristo Nikolov – guitar

Nikiforos Rotas – guitar

Richard Knight – bass

Simon Jones – drums




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