MISERATION issue new single “Enuma Elish”


The death metal duo MISERATION has released its first single from their upcoming album “Black Miracles And Dark Wonders” today: “Enuma Elish“.

The song is accompanied by an official visualizer that’s available for your viewing pleasure on

The lyrics were written by Erik Granström, who said about the song:

“Enuma Elish is the Babylonian creation epos. The elder god Apsu wants to kill his offspring since they make too much noise. Instead the younger gods trick and kill him. Now mother Tiamat is furious and turn up at their door for revenge. All gods tremble facing her wrath, all but Marduk, the storm god of Babylon. He is chosen as their champion, kills Tiamat and creates heaven and earth from her body.

Black Miralces And Dark Wonders” turned out to be an aggressive and technical death metal album whose theme is evolving around different gods and godlike creatures, myths and stories inspired by the Sumerian, Judeo-Christian, Norse, and other ancient cultures.

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Black Miracles And Dark Wonders” by MISERATION will be released on April 22, 2022 via Massacre Records.


MISERATION – Black Miracles And Dark Wonders

CD Digipak

1. The Seal Of The Eight-Pointed Star
2. Reign Of Fate
3. Desecrate, Dominate, Eradicate
4. Enuma Elish
5. Fed By Fire / Led By Blood
6. Kingdoms Turned To Sand
7. Shah
8. Connector Of The Nine Worlds

Ltd. Vinyl LP


The Seal Of The Eight-Pointed Star
Reign Of Fate
Desecrate, Dominate, Eradicate
Enuma Elish


Fed By Fire / Led By Blood
Kingdoms Turned To Sand
Connector Of The Nine Worlds

Enuma Elish (Official Visualizer) –

Death Metal
Release: 22/04/2022
CD Digipak • Ltd. Vinyl LP • Digital

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