Aussie Death Metal Group GANGS OF OLD LADIES Joins Sliptrick

With humble beginnings after attending a Cradle Of Filth concert in 2019 and netting the band themes with Danni Filth signing his personal microphone, metal journalist Jekyll Jones decided it was time to make some music of his own. Gangs Of Old Ladies describe themselves as an international extreme metal band and feature the aforementioned Australian metal journalist Jekyll Jones with cohort Simon Unknowne, Soilwork’s David Andersson from Sweden and old school death metal legend Rick Razor Rozz. These four come together via the modern world and create one of the most unique and catchy heavy tunes you will hear. A whirlwind of horror and musical poetry in motion.

Gangs Of Old Ladies released their first single Demonic Drug Pig in 2020 and have honed their craft with 4 other tracks over the last couple of years. The group plan to release an EP via Sliptrick Records sometime in 2022. Stay tuned!

Gangs Of Old Ladies are:
Jekyll Jones – Vocals | Simon Unknowne – Guitar/Drum Programming | David Andersson – Lead Guitar | Rick Razor Rozz – Lead Guitar

Band links: Facebook | Youtube | Instagram | Twitter | On Sliptrick

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