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“vicious, cold, and grandiose black metal” — Heavy Blog Is Heavy (Song Premiere AT THIS LOCATION)

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Scotland black/death/thrash troop Tyrannus drops “A Worse Reality,” the first single from their forthcoming debut, Unslayable. The album unfolds a conceptual story with existentialism, Lovecraftian horror, and antifascism. Tyrannus will release the album on 22 April 2022, in collaboration with National Lottery through Creative Scotland (who are supporting this album). The digipak CD and digital formats are being handled by the band independently, while the vinyl and tape versions are set for release via True Cult Records.

Speaking of the song, Callum John Cant, vocalist/guitarist informs: 
“‘Worse Reality’ is both the first chapter and the summary of our debut album, ‘Unslayable.’ Lyrically, it states the obvious of the bleak and dark future we are now living within and our willful collective ignorance to the suffering and those the few who benefit greatly from it. Musically, it takes a lot of inspiration from Death and Carcass but mixed with a post-black metal feel. Overall, ‘Worse Reality’ serves a purpose of introducing our album ‘Unslayable’ to the world.”

“A Worse Reality” is available on all major digital/streaming platforms; Find it RIGHT HERE.

The album Unslayable can be pre-ordered on CD/Digital (alongside band Shirts and Merch items) on Tyrannus’ BANDCAMP; Vinyl and Cassettes can be pre-ordered on True Cult Records.

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Invoked in 2018 by Callum John Cant and Alasdair Dunn, Tyrannus synchronously brings forth ruination and oblivion. Although the Scottish group openly stands against fascism, they predominantly dwell in the dominion of thrashy calamitous black/death metal, unlike most of the RABM counterparts who weaponize crusty, raw, or post-black metal.  

In 2019, Tyrannus unleashed the self-titled EP, where they attempted to figure out their sound but perhaps not being committed enough to an approach yet. It wasn’t until the 2021’s demo release, It Taketh, that ushered in the new dawn as Tyrannus finally untangled their songcraft approaches and tracked down their fully-realized vision. The three-track demo acts as a coup d’œil of the album, Unslayable.

“The vision we set is complete,” states Callum John Cant, vocalist and guitarist of the band. “‘Unslayable’ is an album which takes our eclectic influences and warps them into a conceptual story with themes of existentialism, Lovecraftian horror and antifascism. We want anyone who listens to this album to find something of themselves in it. With every fibre of our beings, we believe in the music we have made and are looking forward to finally sharing our fully realised vision with everyone.”

On Unslayable, Tyrannus has bolstered their already discovered eerie, extreme sonic power. Taking cues from the extreme metal’s elder gods, the Scots have injected new blood into the vicious sound. For instance, the erratic surfacing of the demoniacal, psychedelic synth passages on the songs is a testament to their ingenuity. The hallucinogenic atmosphere indeed inflicts an atypical experience, but the ominous black/death metal with an agile speed/thrash vivacity is still the spine of this tale.

Currently a four-piece, Tyrannus is ready to ravage and conquer the stage. They will play the Unslayable album live in its entirety at The Banshee Labyrinth in Edinburgh on 30 April 2022

Track Listing:
1. A Cruel Dream 
2. A Worse Reality
3. The Flood
4. It Taketh
5. Lake of the Undying 
6. Unslayable 
7. Light the Last Sun 
8. Break the Will of Evil

Tyrannus is:
Callum John Cant – Vocals and guitars
Fraser Gordon – Guitars
Alistair Harley – Bass, synth and backing vocals
Alasdair Dunn – Drums and percussion

Album Credits:
Callum John Cant – Vocals, guitar, bass and background synth
Alasdair Dunn – Drums and percussion
Scott McLean – Analogue synth
Amaya López-Carromero (Maud the moth) – Special guest vocals on Break the Will of Evil
Alistair Harley – Gang vocals on It Taketh, Unslayable and Light the Last Sun
Nick Waller – Special guest gang vocals on It Taketh, Unslayable and Light the Last Sun

Produced by Scott McLean, Tyrannus and Caitlín Smith.

Recorded, engineered, mixed and mastered by Scott McLean at La Chunky Studios, October 2021 – January 2022.

All music and lyrics by Callum John Cant.

Cover art by CVSPE.
Tyrannus logo by Hagiophobic.


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