U.S. Epic/Trad Metallers MAMORLIS Release ‘Sturdy as an Oak’ Album


Epic/Traditional Heavy Metal quartet MAMORLIS have released sophomore album Sturdy as an Oak on CD and digital formats. Purchase/stream at the following link:

The cassette version was released in Europe through Cursed Ritual Records and can be purchased at this location.

“The balance of classicist epic heavy metal timbre with muscular hall-shaking thump lands as if dreamed up from a pile of classic LPs, big box computer games, and a room full of well-creased high fantasy novels.A high recommendation.” (90/100)– Grizzly Butts

“The group, who feature members of Ænigmatum, play traditional heavy metal as by-the-books as you can without plagiarizing the scriptures. Luckily, it’s a good book, timeless even, and Mamorlis prove that heavy metal’s spirit will likely outlive us all.”– Invisible Oranges

“Six impressively implemented tracks mixed in an earthy, warm sound in a traditional style, including driving beats, anthem-like heroic impact and wonderful twin guitar fire between IRON MAIDEN, JAG PANZER, THIN LIZZY and SLOUGH FEG.”– FFM-Rock

“If Mamorlis aren’t Jack Black’s favourite band then there must be something wrong in the World.”– Metal Noise

“Sturdy as an Oak is not the typical heavy album full of choruses and sticky guitars, this is without a doubt another well-executed idea.”– Metallerium

Following the band’s 2019 self-titled debut album, on Sturdy as an OakMAMORLIS further refines its authentic mix of epic heavy metal and doom. The foursome combines a warm, vintage style that recalls the songwriting prowess of bands like Slough Feg and classic Iron Maiden with lyrical content covering folklore, fantasy stories, action movies, and old video games.

The band released the following statement concerning Sturdy as an Oak:

“If you like music, you’re gonna love this. The second Mamorlis album, Sturdy as an Oak: Six tracks that will make any traditional metal fan as sturdy as an oak. Songs about alcoholic knights, bushrangers, rat pirates, and Clancy Brown. If you’re sturdy for four or more hours after listening, you’re welcome.”

Track Listing:

  1. Wolfric the Wild
  2. Salamandastron
  3. The Kurgan
  4. Over the Border
  5. The Glade
  6. Journeys of Acquisition/Gor


Rooster: Guitar
Mat Madani: Guitar, classical guitar
Alex Noce: Drums, keyboards, vocals
Brian Rush: Bass

Album Credits:

Quinton Gardner as Brian Blessed in “The Kurgan,”
Recorder flute in “Gor”

Angel Almanza as the Kurgan in “The Kurgan”

Vanessa Thagon as the Kajira in “Gor”

All songs written by Mamorlis
Where noted * in “Over the Border” are traditional Australian folk melody and lyrics

Mixed by Brian at Pale Magus Productions
Mastered by Julian at On Air Mastering
Recorded at Maniac Mansion in Portland, OR

Album artwork and layout by Maria Pintz and Héloïse Merlin
Mamorlis YouTube

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