ZWAARD stream ARGENTO RECORDS debut EP ‘Bloed en Wijn’ at INVISIBLE ORANGES’ website


At present, ARGENTO RECORDS is proud to announce the brand new debut EP ‘Bloed en Wijn’ by the Dutch subterranean black metal entity: ZWAARD!   

A release date is set for March 18th, 2022 and shall come in the following formats: DIGITAL / MC / LP

Listen now to ‘Bloed en Wijn’ in its entirety on the website of prominent heavy metal blog INVISIBLE ORANGES:

For fans of: Reverorum Ib Malacht, Martröð, Mortuus, Leviathan  

From the shadowy shores of the Netherlands, a mysterious entity has ominously brought its roar under the sign of ZWAARD (Dutch for sword). With an aura of dread and dismal darkness, the anonymous specter strikes with three tomes of brooding, subterraneanblack metal, as dense and bleak as it blazes with minimalistic elements where melody rear its head in a wholly compound of oppression where sound and vision meet in unison,
a never-ending void. 

As the end of ‘Bloed en Wijn’ (Blood and Wine) is upon us, we’re left with an eerie sensation. Sinister currents spread their ugly tentacles into the sheer abyssal core of the soul as an estranged feeling of desolation prevails, drained of humanity, brimming with numinous negativity. 

Released by Argento Records as a limited hand-numbered 12″ vinyl (200 copies) and hand-numbered cassette (20 copies) 

Pre-order links:

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