UK black metallers ANTE-INFERNO Share First Album Details & Brand New Music Video!

“Antediluvian Dreamscapes” to be released May 13th on Vendetta Records


Following their acclaimed debut album “Fane”, UK black metallers Ante-Inferno have announced to release their sophomore full length record, entitled “Antediluvian Dreamscapes“, on May 13th via Vendetta Records. Featuring 7 brand new tracks, with “Antediluvian Dreamscapes” Ante-Inferno have created a dark and mournful, harsh and desolate universe, taking the listener on an emotional journey through the spheres of atmospheric black metal.

Ante-Inferno comments:
Welcome to our Antediluvian Dreamscapes: seven pitiless memorials to a life that once was and may never be. Seven gateways, bound thickly with the blood of ages beyond; a celestial mirage whose tendrils enshroud the listener in fathomless depths of human misery. Arise, as you are transported through the veil of life and death, past and future, to a place where the birth of time unites with the end of all time. A place where the rising waters of the flood collide with the battery of wars to come; where, as we drown in the shadowed waters of holy vengeance, so too are we engulfed in the flaming fire of the eschaton, driven out of Hell. Will you continue to dangle precariously from the thread of life, a mere witness to this nightmare? Or will you plummet into the depths of eternity, a shade forgotten by time, a transcendental vision no more tangible than the failing light of a star at the end of its existence? We invite you to listen.

To shorten your wait for Ante-Inferno’s upcoming album, the band has just released a first and enthralling album single, one that will most likely leave you with a hunger for more! Watch the epic, new music video for “Celestial Mirage” here:

Ante-Inferno on “Celestial Mirage”:
“Celestial Mirage” tells the story of a stricken man dying alone in a ditch in some distant land. A victim of war and endless slaughter, this pitiful soul stares at the sky and dreams of his homeland, praying for a swift passage into the afterlife as the mists gather and the darkness draws in, and the insects begin to flitter around his bloodied limbs, lured implacably by the aroma of death. As this fragile human life passes into the emptiness of the beyond, he witnesses the celestial mirage into which he had invested so much hope and prayer, break apart in the sky and disappear; lost to him now and forever.



1. A Lullaby to a Dying World
2. Transcendence
3. Celestial Mirage
4. Shadowed Waters
5. Two Score and Ten Souls
6. Beyond the Immemorial Veil
7. Nightmares of the Eschaton

Antediluvian Dreamscapes” will be coming out May 13th on Vendetta Records and is now available for pre-order HERE

For more info visit:

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