Vancouver’s CROWN OF MADNESS Release Visualizer Video For “False God’s Hymn” Off “The Void” Out March 25th

L-R – Connor Gordon – Drums, Sunshine Schneider – Vocals / Guitars
Photographer Credit – Savannah Adeline – Paradox Visuals

Crown of Madness, from Vancouver, Canada, started in the midst of the pandemic, with the intention of bringing something new and beautiful to the dark and dissonant sounds of death metal. They are gearing up to release their debut EP this year and the second single they have out to whet the auditory palates of listeners is “False God’s Hymn”.

The single is about how humanity can destroy entire planets and although we are aware of this fact, we continue to do the things that will destroy us all. This can also be interpreted in a personal way, where we as individuals continue to do things we know are bad for us. The band explains further:

“False God’s Hymn was the first song we wrote for Crown of Madness and remains to be our most refined piece. It has a solid structure, where each part flows into the other smoothly, and each section is memorable. This song has all the elements we wanted to encapsulate in our overall sound; such as brutality, beauty, and sad emotions. The lyrics reflect humanity’s societal decision to continue to destroy ourselves and the planet even though we each possess the knowledge to save us all.”

For Crown of Madness, musical and lyrical inspiration comes from their love of fantasy RPGs, drawing heavy inspiration from Dark Souls, Bloodborne, and World of Warcraft. Their dissonant guitar chord-heavy riffs usually inspire a melancholy approach to the lyrics presented with simply placed vocals that are also catchy.

Emotional and devastating, “The Void” is diverse and recommended for fans of Vitriol, Gorguts, and Fallujah.

“False God’s Hymn” can be heard via TheCirclePit –

“The Void” is being released on March 25, 2022.

Album pre-order –

Lyric Video – The Manipulated –


Track Listing:
1. Pale (feat. Claine Lamb) (2:03)
2. Eternal Feeding (2:38)
3. The Manipulated – (4:14)
4. Anguish (feat. Kaija Krimson) (4:31)
5. False God’s Hymn (feat. Claine Lamb) (4:47)
Total Length: 18:13

EP Recording Credits:
• All songs performed by: Sunshine Schneider, Connor Gordon
• All songs written by: Sunshine Schneider, Connor Gordon
• Produced by: Sunshine Schneider, Connor Gordon
• Mixed by: Connor Gordon
• Mastered by: Stu McKillop
• Album Artwork by: Jois Cabe
• Member of SOCAN
• Canadian Content (MAPL)

EP Line Up:
Sunshine Schneider – Vocals / Guitars
Connor Gordon – Drums
Claine Lamb – Guest Piano
Kaija Krimson – Guest Vocals

Live Band Line Up:
Sunshine Schneider – Vocals / Guitars
Connor Gordon – Drums
Sylvain Maltais – Bass

For more info:

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