Sliptrick Records Welcome US Death Metal Project INEXORABLE


Inexorable is an American death metal band from Aurora, Colorado and Mesa, Arizona. Originally meeting back in 2008, Matt and Dustin immediately formed a musical bond that would last decades. First consisting of the main portion of Anthropic Damnation, the group disbanded in 2012 only to be reunited in 2019 as Inexorable.

Their sound has been fine tuned by Dustin Smith’s talent within musical theory and execution on not only the crushing guitar riffs, but also the aggressive basslines and recently with the signature drum blasts that are staple of pure death metal. Aggression is the overwhelming tone of the vocal performances, as Matt has created his own unique delivery of clarity with the brutality of the old school death metal growls.

Both talents coming together creates the core of Inexorable’s sound – in your face, and with a message. The projects creative process is a unique one. Living in different areas of the United States, creating music can be a tall task. Spending many hours sending files back in forth, with late nights and endless messages, Inexorable found the balance to create their music. Their album Imperious is set to be released worldwide via Sliptrick Records in 2022.

Inexorable are:
Matt Alleger – Vocals | Dustin Smith – Guitars/Bass/Drums

Band links: Official Website | Facebook | Youtube | Instagram | On Sliptrick

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