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Hi Ashtrael. I would like to ask some questions about your new album and about your band. When the band was founded you weren’t in at that time, but I assume you talked about those times with Sathonys. Why did you start to sympathise with Sathonys’ world? How did you join?

Why did I join the band? Well actually I moved to Frankfurt in 2004 I think from South Britain and I was in search for a new band. There was this music forum and they were searching for a singer but it was all mysterious because there was no band name and stuff, but I was like okay, why not? So I tried it, and I didn’t really know where to go when I first went to the let’s say casting. Actually that’s when I found out who was that band when I was there. It’s kind of funny, because I had their first album. I did not know where I was hiring.

You worked on the „Phoenix” and „In Darkness” albums. What did you gain from them? Did it give you the amount of success you were hoping for?

That’s a difficult question. I don’t try really hard to get success with an album. I think „Phoenix” was kind of the door opener for me to get more connected with the band and the guys and everything, because the album was already written and so is most of the lyrics. And I was in the band for a few weeks when we started recording, but ,,In Darkness” I don’t really want to say that it brought me success or something. Maybe personally yes, because with „In Darkness” I felt more connected to the band, to the guys and to the lyrics and to the songs. I was involved in every areas of the working process of the album. So for me I gained a lot of experience from it.

How empty did you life get after the band’s expiry in 2014? How did you replace that space? Did you make music at that time?

It’s hard to say. At the moment when we decided to split the band it was okay. For every one of us at first. We needed some time to rearrange ourselves and our private lives. Some of us are married and some of us have children and stuff so I think it was a good decision to make a cut, because we were not working with enough passion at that point. After the first few years I really started to miss it.


You broke your silence in 2020. How did you guys get back together? Could you introduce us the new members?

Martin and me were always in contact. We always wrote a lot and sometimes we met. When we was like we wanted new members to start it all over again we were searching for new members in the internet and the first one was Nakhateth, our guitar player. Because he has a YouTube channel called: RISTRIDI and we really liked what he wrote and the kinds of guitars he played. He was also connected to our drummer Mortos, so we agreed to check him out on a meeting and it was pretty awesome. He is a great drummer, funny guy. And I am not sure, but maybe Yanesh was the last one to join the band. So it was like a casting kind of.

You’ve been working on songs and now your 7th album is done. How different was it since you have a different kind of pressure on your shoulders?

It wasn’t a different kind of pressure, because we already wrote some albums, so the only thing that was new or it still is, that it is a themed album and we wanted to make the outcome one of our best, so we really put a lot of work and effort in it. Everyone was involved in the songwriting process and everyone did their best to create this. I mean Agathodaimon was always diversity when it comes to every album. We never sound the same I think. We have one small red line and we try to hit this line and we really try to put in new elements and do the best outcome that we are capable of. Like we did up to now and we really really think that it could be.

How much did the music change over the years? What is there to know about „The Seven” compared to the ones came before it? Did the new members contribute a lot?

Yes, of course. The music of Agathodaimon always changed because of the members that changed. The only founding member is Sathonys. So yeah, like I said everyone was involved in the song writing process and we developed some new styles as well. We have a lot of death metal parts in it. Of course we have some clean vocals and really melodic parts still, so I think it’s more death metal than black metal this time.

Your refoundation of the band is a bit close to the pandemic situation. Is it just a coincidence? Did your lives change and suddenly had a lot more free time?

No. We don’t have more free time unfortunately, because our jobs don’t allow this even in this pandemic situation. We all work all the time and we don’t have more time to spend on songwriting nor to put more effort into the band. So from this side nothing has changed. The only thing that changed is that we can’t play live now. Sure we hope that all will change now and that we can present our new stuff and the new guys on stage and everything.

How much do you think the theme of opposite religions is thought-provoking? What could be the truth in your opinion?

To be honest I don’t really care about all these stuffs. I let them do their stuff as long as they don’t annoy me. Whatever. Religion is fucked up. All of them. I don’t care if it’s Christianity or anything else. It’s all just a hoax.

And outside of religion, what do you guys believe in the most?

Man, what a question. I believe in eating a lot of cheese on the pizza. I am not really a religious person, so hard to say beside religion what do you believe in. Maybe getting your shit together and live as good as possible to die someday.


Since your album will be released this March, what can we expect from you? How do you want to continue? Tours, festivals, any other plans like that?

Yeah, we have a lot of plans! I hope we can make them all come true because of the pandemic situation. There will be something new in I think 14 days, or something around that. We will put another output of our album. Another single, and after that we planned some shows in Germany mostly. Some smaller and some bigger festivals, and we put on a tour for winter. But that’s a big try, because no one knows what is going to happen now and how the situation is going to change. So I think next year will be much better. I hope so.

Your music is really colorful and it simply can not be categorised. If I were to say it’s sort of a „demanding dark” music. How would you define your newest album?

Yeah, we would still say this is German dark metal. This is how the band started and how everyone said Agathodaimon is dark metal. And I wouldn’t even categorise it somewhere else. It’s just dark metal shit. So let yourself be surprised by it.

Thank you for your answers. It’s always nice to speak with great musicians. I wish you the best!

Thank you very much! I enjoyed it a lot. I don’t know what to say. Oh my god. I haven’t made an interview for years now because we were not around and it’s so weird to talk again to other musicians, interviewers or guys from magazines or whatever, and I am really really fucking excited to present you our new album and the new outcome and the new guys of course! We hope you can connect with them live and stuff. I really hope that it will be a great time after all this pandemic situation to here and I wish you all the best for your magazine. I hope the interview will find some people there who like it, or who not. We will see. Bye!

The interview was taken with Ashtrael on 28.02.2022.

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