SPIRITUAL HATE – Band releases their second album “The Ancient Pestilence”

Death / Black Metal band Spiritual Hate released on Wednesday, March, the second album of their career, entitled “The Ancient Pestilence“, the disc was released in Slipcase format (CD) in which it had the union of national labels, Extreme Sound Records, Brutaller Records, Ihells Productions.

In “The Ancient Pestilence” the group presents 8 conceptual bands, demonstrating all their brutality as usual, bringing chaos to earth with much hatred and technique. The disc was recorded, mixed and mastered by Diego Henrique at Bay Area Studios in São Paulo. The graphic art of the cover was in charge of the Hungarian artist David Busai (Mordiggianart) Layout: Inkcreations work production”. 

The CD can be purchased for 30 reais, interested in having a copy, just contact the band through their social networks Facebook, Instagram or by email


  1. Intro
  2. Hæreticvm
  3. With Black Wings, Through the Ages
  4. Against Your Supreme Divinity
  5. Babalon Manifest
  6. The Ancient Pestilence
  7. Bloodshed Ritual
  8. Hate Shall Prevail
  9. Blackness Devotion


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