THORIUM release new video and single “Reign The Abyss”


Old-school Danish death metal ensemble THORIUM have released a new digital single and official video, for the song “Reign The Abyss“.

Having already released two digital singles from their upcoming album “Danmark”, Thorium showed they mean business with their new full-length. “Reign The Abyss” is another song that has the Danish band broadening their spectrum of extremity, throwing in some doomish riffs and tempos, while still playing death metal like it was 1992.  

Metal Injecrion wrote about the video: “It’s nothing short of a filthy riff-fest exhumed straight from the grave. It also helps that Michael H. Andersen’s vocals are simply disgusting“.

Stream/download the single here and check the video on Emanzipation YouTube channel or in Metal Injection, where it has premiered earlier this week.

Danmark” will be released on LP (white and black vinyls, each limited to 300 copies), CD and digital formats on April 29th, 2022 via Emanzipation Productions. Pre-orders are available here.

THORIUM – Reign The Abyss (official video)
“Danmark” tracklist:1. War Is Coming
2. A Crown To Obscurity
3. Majesty
4. Semen Of The Devil
5. My Decay
6. The Silent Suffering
7. Defiance
8. Reign The Abyss
9. Nine Lives
10. Into The Gods

Enter Thorium! The Danish death metal veterans are nearing their silver jubilee as a band but are still as vibrant as ever on the new album “Danmark”. Vocalist Michael H. Andersen has once again gathered a new crew – well, besides mr. JP on leads who has survived from the last album to fight another round – and released an album that is as old school as ever. Even down to the recording which was done live at Angioni Studios with all rhythmic instruments present, recording as a band. With small imperfections and all. And without a metronome to guide the band members. Just like in the old days. 

The music was recorded during one week in the summer of 2021. Followed by vokillz which were penned and recorded in succession, one song per day, getting that spontaneous feel of death metal of yore. Finally mixed by Jacob Bredahl at Dead Rat Studio in the autumn. Jacob had the guts to not only leave the tiny imperfections in there, but in some cases even shed spotlight on them. It’s all about prioritizing that feeling of rawness and spontaneity, akin to the band’s live sound. 

Musically, the guys do have a few tricks up their sleeves. While the backbone of the band’s utterings is still a cross between the traditional Florida bands and their Swedish counterparts, other influences are roaring their ugly, rotten heads as well.

There’s some black death bashing in “Defiance” and “Nine Lives”, a driving groove in “My Decay” and “Reign the Abyss” or the eerie melodies in opener “War is coming” or “A Crown to Obscurity” recalling mid-period Hypocrisy. This is Thorium at their creative and brutal peak. 

And oh yeah, Thorium has made a virtue out of covering obscure old school death metal classics. This time they turn to their motherland. Michael Volbeat’s original DM horde Dominus is targeted with the faithful rendition of “Into the Gods” from the Astaroth demo. Keeping in line with the lyrical theme of the album “Danmark”. Dedicated to the strong, beautiful home country of the band and the proud values it was built upon so many centuries ago. 
René ”Nolder” Nielsen, Metalized Magazine, December 2021 

MHA – vokills
Jose Cruz – guitars
JP – guitars
Jesper – bass
Daniel – drums

Digital single:



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