U.S.B.M. Black Metal Newcomers SKOTOSE Release “King of Human Sacrifice” Demo

Texas black metal newcomers, SKOTOSE have released their first recording, King of Human Sacrifice Demo on Bandcamp. The album is available for streaming or name-you-own-price downloads (we suggest $6.66). Click the link to listen. 

The album is a raw concoction of black metal, punk rock and black’n’roll. While influenced by black metal legends such as Mayhem, Darkthrone, Enslaved, Gorogoroth and Rotting Christ, lyrically and thematically the demo is different in that many of the songs are about murder, and specifically serial killing. Satan and Killing is the SKOTOSE motto.

The title track kicks off with The Zodiac Killer shooting young couples out on lover’s lane in the head. Brains and cranial remnants are collected on car seats by the police but no killer is to be had. Next, the group take the listener to Ancient Greece to conjure Lytta, the personification of madness, who imbues souls with uncontrollable lust, rage and psychosis. It’s a metaphor for mania. “Mountain of Suicide” is a classic black metal song with Satan at the helm. In this song, religion is no more. Churches burn, priests die and women are raped and inserted with the seed of the Satanic Breed! The highway to hell is paved with victims’ blood on “Raped By Nocturnal Manifestations.” Swear unto Satan, not your god! “Implements of Hell” ends the album with tales of self-mutilation, cannibalism, sadomasochism, and of course, murder—a deliberate, agonizing, torture before death’s cold embrace. All lyrics are included on the Bandcamp page.

The group are also different due to O’Bier’s singing and guitar playing style. His vocal range is diverse. His growls a crackly, semi-death metal style, but switches to a haunting clean vocal style for the choruses on “Mountain of Suicide.” He recorded several vocal tracks for each song, which instills the songs with psychotic layers. His guitar playing style is different, too, as he mostly resorts to triplets instead of the tried-and-true tremolo method of black metal picking. Darren Cowan’s bass harmonies are audible and fill each song with depth. Longpig batters home each song with blasts and exceptional fill work. Longpig added many layers to the mix with vocal augmentation (“Mountain of Suicide”) and even keys “Raped By Nocturnal Manifestations.” This demo is for both fans of classic black metal and those who want something a tad different. No wimps allowed!

SKOTOSE were born on the darkest night of 2019 in Georgetown, Texas by heavy metal journalist Darren Cowan (bass) and Carl O’Bier on guitar. A few months after forming, drummer Johnny Trevino joined the group as their drummer. The group rehearsed at O’Bier’s house in Taylor, Texas. They auditioned singers but eventually Cowan took on bass and vocals. After writing several songs, eventually, Trevino quit and the group went back to a two-piece. The pandemic hit and more change occurred in the lineup as O’Bier now took on vocals and guitar. Major rewrites occurred and the group completed 9 songs, which would be recorded for an eventual LP (coming sooon). In the fall of 2020, drummer Longpig joined the band. Longpig recorded and produced the demo at his studio, Outhouse Studio, in Austin, Texas. This would become the basis for the tracks appearing on the King of Human Sacrifice Demo.

King of Human Sacrifice Demo is now available on Bandcamp. It has been submitted to CD Baby for a much larger reach on various online marketplaces such as You-Tube, Spotify, Apple and Amazon. Be on the look out for the SKOTOSE’s In Celebration of Your Demise digital tape featuring two songs not on the demo.

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