HEAVING EARTH – New Album ‘Darkness Of God’ via Lavadome Productions – Details and Trackstream revealed


Seven years after setting ablaze the extreme metal underground with their blistering “Denouncing The Holy Throne” record, Prague’s HEAVING EARTH have returned to incinerate the entire cosmos with their third full-length, “Darkness Of God“!
An unprecedented evolution  of the type of chthonian death metal once pioneered by bands like Immolation, Dead Congregation and Ulcerate, “Darkness Of God” sets new benchmarks for versatility and intricate composition in its style, without sacrificing any of the monumental heaviness. Mainstay guitarist Tomáš Halama, along with all-new recording line-up, featuring members of Somniate, Hideous Divinity and Supreme Conception has forged an album that instantly captivates, challenges, and rewards recurrent listening. 

The album will be released on May 27th 2022 via Lavadome Productions on CD and in digital versions.

A first song, the opening track “Violent Gospels (Ordination of the Holy Trinity)“, can be checked out at this location:

The band comments on their evolution since the previous record: “We’ve shifted our focus to broader range of music styles… Pushing the envelope further, evolving ideas over the years, without thinking about limitations and with zero regard given to whether anyone considers it ‘death metal enough’. That said, Darkness of God is different from Denouncing the Holy Throne, for sure. We’d felt that we did pretty much everything we could with the traditional formula on Denouncing and weren’t willing to write Denouncing, part 2.  Therefore it was time to expand the HEAVING EARTH sound, even if the decision later led to major lineup changes.”

About “Darkness Of God“‘s constantly shifting, unpredictable songwriting style they state: “This organic, fluid approach is very present in (especially modern) classical music, with motifs being presented in different dynamics, rhythmic structures and instrumentation. It makes perfect sense and we see no reason not to use a similar method of working with riffs and arrangements in death metal, as long as it sounds good. We prefer this to  throwing out a bunch of riffs and motifs like dice and then gluing them together, hoping for the best. Death metal, to us, is a certain feel, sound, and philosophy. Otherwise,  it’s a restriction-free zone.

They add about the album’s production values: “(It’s a) much more organic, lively sound with less distortion, making it easier for listeners to focus on even small details. Leon Macey (Mithras) gave us the big, heavy sound that we asked for on  the previous album and did a great job. But we’re sure we made the right decision asking Andrea Petucco (Ad Nauseam) to do the mixing and mastering this time.”


1. Violent Gospels (Ordination of the Holy Trinity)

2. Crossing the Great Divide (Prayer to a Crumbling Shrine)

3. Apologetics (Of Failure and Fall)

4. Forever Deceiving Dismal Gods

5. Cardinal Sin

6. The Lord’s Lamentations

7. Earthly Kingdom of God in Ruins

8. Flesh–Ridden Providence

9. Woeful Redemption


Marek Štembera – Vocals

Tomáš Halama – Guitars

Martin Meyer – Guitars

Tomáš Ledvina – Bass

Giulio Galati – Session Drums +++ +++ +++

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