UK death metal powerhouse AS THE WORLD DIES with MEMORIAM’s  guitarist unleash new song via Decibel Magazine

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Formed by Memoriam guitarist Scott Fairfax, UK death metal band As The World Dies are playing old school death metal with an ominous, futuristic touch. It’s a refreshing change from the out-and-out Bolt Thrower worship bands out there. Decibel Magazine recently premiered one of the tracks from their debut full length HERE

“a foreboding but invigorating death metal journey that rains plague and locusts down on listeners. The song is a succession of new chapters that unveil the band’s approach to atmospheric heaviness”


– “This album is an early 2022 winner” – Flying Fiddle Sticks (UK)

– “effective and haunting” – Acta Infernalis (France) 95/100

– “death metal perfection” – Metal Roos (Australia) 4/5

– “one of the most compelling straight-forward death metal to come out of UK for good deal of time” – Headbanger Reviews (US)

– “utterly fascinating” – The Killchain (UK)

– ““Agonist” surprised me with just how well constructed yet bludgeoning it can be” – Metal Temple (Greece) 9/10

– “2022 has been flooded with good music so far, and this debut from As The World Dies is yet another great album to add to the ever-increasing list” – Man of Much Metal (UK) 88%

– “Yes, the music is crushing, like a bulldozer or a battering ram, and compellingly ferocious” – No Clean Singing (US)

– “has an impact from the first to the last second” – Demonic Nights (Austria) 8/10

– “A great one” – Metal Addicts (US)

– “With Memoriam guitarist Scott Fairfax in the mix, you just know that As The World Dies are going to raise hell” – Rush on Rock (UK)

– “It has the essence of the best of what I love so much about this style” – Deadly Storm (Czech Republic)

– “gigantic” – Blessed Altar (Netherlands) 7.5/10

– “solid debut” – Metal (Germany)

As The World Dies (UK) – Agonist (Death Metal)

Genre – Death Metal
Release Date – March 25th, 2021
Record Label – Transcending Obscurity Records
For fans of – Bolt Thrower, Memoriam, Benediction, Grave, Hellfrost And Fire, Wombbath

Formed by members of Memoriam and PemphigoidAs The World Dies are among UK’s most promising new bands. Gritty and spiteful, the music rampages mercilessly hearkening back to the era of Bolt ThrowerGrave and the like, even though As The World Dies have their own approach to it all. The music is even atmospheric at times, littered with unpredictable tempo changes, and it’s clear that they have their own method to the madness. Skulls get crushed either way, as they rally support from the genre’s greats – Karl Willets (Bolt Thrower), David Ingram (Benediction/Hellfrost And Fire), Kam Lee (Massacre) and many more. It’s a formidable lineup and victory is certain. Death triumphs over all. As The World Dies make sure of it. ‘Agonist’ is as powerful a debut as can be expected and fans of classic-sounding, UK-styled death metal will find a new favourite in this one. 

Line up –
Jay Price – Vocals
Ash Cotterill – Guitars and Backing Vocals
Bill Richmond – Bass
Chris McGrath – Drums
Scott Fairfax – Guitars

Track list with contributions –

1. Annulment: Lyrics & Vocals – Karl Willetts
2. Desolate: Lyrics & Vocals- Jay Price, guest vocals Paula Webhe
3. Dawn of Terror: Lyrics & Vocals – Jay Price, backing Vocals Ash Cotterill
4. Red Death: Lyrics & Vocals- Alex Mumford
5. The Tempest: Lyrics & Vocals- David Ingram, backing vocals Jay Price
6. Day of Reckoning: Lyrics & Vocals – Jay Price, guest vocals Paula Webhe
7. Save The Earth: Lyrics & Vocals – Jay Price, backing vocals Paula Webhe & Ash Cotterill
8. Until You’ve Bled: Lyrics & Vocals- Janekke de Rooy
9. Thin Out The Herd: Lyrics & Vocals – Gustaf Jorde, Guest Vocals: Karl Willetts
10. As The World Dies: Lyrics & Vocals- Kam Lee

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